Facts or Opinions?

It has become quite the struggle to figure out some facts about myself. The first time I ever received an award it was hard! The second time was a little easier. But goodness I think I am running out of facts. Haha

Are you even sure they are facts? 😀

Just kidding! I totally provide nothing but the truth on my random facts for awards, my rants, my life and more.

Most of the awards I received have been doubled. There was another one that I received from before. I am forever grateful, but I try not to do them again to avoid sounding like a broken record.

With this I must add that it is super fabulous that these ladies have considered me! Erika, Lisa and I.S. 

I won’t post any rules or logos because for the Sisterhood award, Creative Blogger and Encouraging Thunder award I have done them already so you shall find them in the awards section on the right sidebar :).

Lisa’s Questions for the Sisterhood Award

1. Who is your favorite person in the world and why?

My favorite person has to be my best friend in ATL right now. He is just the bomb and I miss him a ton. If nobody else gets me, he does. 

2. Do you have a favorite sport team?

My fav sports team used to be the Lakers. That was in the 90s but I don’t watch basketball anymore so I guess not. 

3. What is your go to meal that you cook to impress?

I haven’t cooked in a while, but my fav to impress is white rice, string beans and corn mixed with seasoned pork chops. 

4. What does your idea Sunday look like?

My Sunday is usually spent blogging and catching up on other’s blogs. I also do laundry and other stuff. 

5. Name three things you can not live without?

a good book, ruby red grapefruit juice and sleep haha

6. Who is your favorite singer?

I have so many! But currently it’s going to be…….Trey Songz! 

7. If you could travel back in time, what era would you want to visit?

I want to visit the 90s again. It was so much fun and I created so many good memories. Best era eva! lol 

8. Heels or Flats?

Heels. I need more, but I love them. Flats make my feet hurt too much. 

9. What is your favorite old school jam?

This is tough. My favorite old school jam has to be Differences by Ginuwine. 

10. Do you like the color pink or nah?

I Love it!! 

Erika these Facts are for you! 🙂

1. I’ve dyed my hair so many times over the years that people get scared when they ask “And you had to bleach it?” And I say “Yes.” It’s all about how you take care of your hair, not always what you do to it. I dye my hair about every 3 years when I get bored with what I have. 😀

2. To take off from #1, my hair is now honey brown :). It’s light, pretty and has gotten me compliments already and I just got it done!

3. I am ready for children now more than ever….maybe it’s because of the 2 girls I babysit! Too cute!

4. I am in love with Young Adult books! I just finished one and now I am looking for the next one.

5. My favorite cousin in my family is 15 years old and he’s the only one I talk to from my family.

6. I love strawberry milkshakes. I used to drink them alllll the time. Yummm, now I want one hehe :D.

7. Lately my newest obsession is nail polish (other than my hair). I am into all summer colors right now so ladies please share! 😀

8. I am a strong believer in personal space. Pop my bubble too much and I just want to be even further away from you. Sometimes you just need YOU time!

That’s all the facts I could come up with! Haha

……………and I already stated my purpose for blogging many many times in different awards and more so I won’t redo the Encouraging Thunder but I thank you a ton for the nomination!

12 thoughts on “Facts or Opinions?

  1. That’s lovely facts, Karen :). I understand the hair thing completely. I loved to change my color. I was blond, red, black, brown…. all different shades and also orang (because I took the dyer off to early… lol).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting facts Ms. Shade! And That’s also one of my many jams too!!! LOL 🙂
    What made you pick that songs over the many others? #CuriosityKilledTheCatButItDidn’tKillTy
    LML 😀


    • Thank you Ty! 🙂 Yeah it’s a good jam! 🙂
      Lol the hashtag. I have sooo many good songs but when that one comes on I really get into it haha 😀


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