MJ Challenge – Remembering Michael Jackson

This tribute is so creative I just had to share. I can actually see this story coming to life! Lisa you’re the best! Everyone please give this a read, a like and perhaps a comment…it is sooooo worth it! #RIPMichaelJackson

Lisa W. Tetting

Mj Challenge

Today marks 6 years since Michael Jackson went on to Glory. This day is always a sad day for me as I feel like I lost a family member. This year I decided to try to remember MJ in a more upbeat way, so I wrote a little story using some of the titles from his songs. I am turning this into a challenge for all the Michael Jackson fans out there. Feel free to write your own stories and ping back to this post so I can read them! Don’t forget to nominate a friend… My Nominee is Erika Kind because she is as crazy about MJ as I am.

My name is Michael and I want to tell you a story. It’s somewhat of a “Thriller” so pay attention. I always tried to keep my life “In the Closet”, but I always feel like “Somebody’s Watching Me”.

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