Manners….Where Have They Gone?

It’s refreshing to see SOME children these days act their age. They are in no rush to grow up, just being their cute little selves.

However, there are some that just won’t budge when you tell them what to do.

Nowadays there are some, not all…parents that have to work twice as hard to show their child that they must be respectful. Oh My!

I watch some children that enter my workplace and they speak to their parent as if they control their mom or dad. What!?

Girl: “Dad you must come now, I have to show you something. It’ll be quick. You can come back for that later.”

Dad: “In a moment, hun. I promise.”

Girl: “Dad! I said right now. Hurry up!”

It’s sad, but their little voices make it funny to hear. I shake my head at the madness and disappointment.

Children these days are cursing at their parents, singing along to the new Chris Brown & Tyga song and more, screaming, demanding and even saying adult sayings such as

as well as:

getyourlifetamarand it is not cute!

I was raised to ask for things and if I didn’t get it, I didn’t scream or throw temper tantrums.

I simply went to grandma :D. Lol Just kidding! Although she was my favorite, she spoiled me!

I didn’t even understand adult language as a child because I was swamped into books all the time. I wasn’t trying to fit in with the “big kids.”

Hey remember that 10 year old I mentioned recently? She has manners. In fact, she may have too much of it. She always asks if she can have things even when she knows the answer is going to be yes. Now that is what I can appreciate.

Slang has definitely increased since the 90s and teenagers even know more than I do. If a 4 year old is talking and says “yo what up thug?” That raises many questions. Even though its worse when the child only acts a certain way when they are not in front of their parents.

Children with bad manners as well as bad behavior just makes the future that much harder. Where is the world going?

These children that don’t listen to “have a seat” or “go in the room” are looking to be disciplined.

Discipline goes a long way and it is the longest debate anyone can have. That’s not secluding it only to beatings or ass whoopings. A child can receive a hard stare and be scarred for life. Words also stretch too as long as it delivers the right message. Every household handles their child different and I won’t comment on what’s right from wrong.

But boy, do I miss the 90s! Children are growing up too fast for me. They are “grown” when they should be just children playing with their Barbie dolls and action figures. Not singing Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” or Taylor Swift’s “Never Getting Back Together” as they are too young for the knowledge of such things. Their idol shouldn’t be Honey Boo Boo either.

Why can’t children be more like Michelle Tanner? She was kind, sweet and smart. She knew what to say and when to say it. Everyone enjoyed her cuteness!

Or like mister klutz himself Steve Urkel? Funny yet hip, cool and lovable in his own way.

I know I am not the only one that was raised on the good TV, not the bad right? This is how my children will be raised….watching 90s TGIF shows as well as teaching them how to say “Please and Thank you” among other mannerisms. Also reading is fundamental! There will be plenty books incorporated…some on manners and others on general topics.

Oh and NO electronics (besides tv)! I wasn’t raised on tablets and cell phones so why should they?

Manners start with the household and end with what is seen and heard. If it is allowed, the child will do as they please. I believe having as much manners as I did made me who I am today. I am still a quiet, reserved person that knows how to respect those who respect me.

Tell me….do you know children that have bad manners? How do they compare to those in your life even if they are not your own?

4 thoughts on “Manners….Where Have They Gone?

  1. My kid tries to speak to me with disrespect and gurl!!! he’s going to get a whooping! But he knows dare not try and ‘the eye’ look alone says a lot of things! It’s sad when I see kids behave this way towards their parents, I shake my head, tell myself that it’s none of my business and walk away!

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  2. Gurrrllll I hope you handled that! I didn’t even know you commented until I checked my settings. Whew! 😀 Haha I love the eye look and I can’t wait to try it someday. Girl me too, how do they allow it? I wish I knew!


  3. I believe the kids of today get away with murder, because back in my day, if I even tried some of the smart words these kids are saying today or attempted some of the slick stuff these teens are doing now, my ass will be grass. Its important to feel like a friend to your kids be remember to always be their parent first. A lot of the kids I see in these schools/neighborhoods today are in serious need of discipline. #Can’tBeMyKids

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