How Do You Watch TV These Days?

I tend to always have random thoughts as I go through the daily life of my existence right? But I am not alone. Sooo…..

I have been thinking about how the world is changing rapidly and if you’re not paying attention, you can get left behind.

Technology is the biggest reason for this. In this case, I am talking about the Television.

Do you remember sitting in front of the TV as a little toddler, cheering on when Barney sang “I Love You” or laughing to the latest Sesame Street? Yeah me too!

Perhaps as you get older, you become accustomed to the company you keep occasionally as you watch TV. Or maybe that’s just me? I prefer to watch TV with friends as opposed to alone, unless its a show that I am deeply into and I need complete silence for it.

Is that awkward? I was never the lonely type, which is why I had multiple friends

Moving on……

Watching TV with friends has changed though! It used to be that either they attend your home or your attend theirs You grab the popcorn or ice cream or chips with soda/juice and prepare for the show to start. That was the norm because you wanted to bond with your friend….No Big Deal!

Some people still do that but it has decreased. Since cellphones were created, it allowed the opportunity for phone calls to become easier.

Now people watch the show in the comfort of their own homes with their phones glued to their ears listening to the silence of their friend because they are anticipating the actions of what they are watching. Once commercials are on, that leaves room for a quick discussion. Let’s not forget about the texters! I actually text about a show if I know I won’t see my friend for a while and I just have to gossip about it. #Guilty

Of course, if one is not on the phone, they are using it to watch a show. Technology…..Shaking my head!

What about those friends that love to see each other’s faces without the hassle of interrupting that personal space or bubble: video chat watching! I mean, why not? It’s convenient and takes up less space! You want to stretch out and now you can because your friend isn’t taking up half the couch. You can eat that caramel/cheese/butter/white cheddar bucket of popcorn all by yourself because you are selfish and greedy like that! 😀

It’s a new approach to TV watching that I have not done yet. If you have, I would love to know how different it felt for you as opposed to being in the same room as a person. I’m old fashioned in many ways, but I am not old! I prefer the good old way.

I watch TV with him all the time. We have a couple shows we watch together. I adore TV watching as a couple. It’s a fun bonding experience. It’s a high ranking along with watching movies and shows with my sister.

Do you think its better to watch TV with friends over the phone, in person or video chat? Tell me exactly which one are you! (No, this is not a quizzical question! haha)

4 thoughts on “How Do You Watch TV These Days?

  1. I don’t really watch too much TV, I have maybe a hand full of shows that I care about but usually catch them online because I’m always working, but yeah I know what you mean. lol 🙂

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