Hunter has a new home!

It has been such a hard decision for a couple months….

We made sure he was nursed to health several times as he always comes back with something from an office visit.

For the past year he has been marking territory in our home, peeing everywhere….


We walk him outside for 30 mins, 3 times a day.

And that still wasn’t enough because he still peed in our home.

For a while I kept saying he has a bladder problem.

But I also felt like it was a training issue.

My boyfriend is the one who knows how to train dogs better than I do so I feel like maybe he failed in the potty training department.

Hunter never liked pads.

He chewed up the pads every time we put it down.

Absolutely a dog thing! And when we tell him to stop, he just did the most ignorant disrespectful thing a dog can do — he waits until we turn our back to continue doing it!


So we got rid of the pads and took him outside. It still wasn’t enough. It was hard for me to take him out too when I was pregnant. I was tired after work but still made an effort. Ugh!

It wasn’t until about July when we tried to train him by pads again and it took him a while to understand it.

He STILL chewed it up and this time LAID on it too!! Like come on dog!

He had frequent doctor visits I paid for which we found out he has a urine problem….

crystals in his urine that could lead to kidney stones if untreated….

We gave him the food he needs to heal for a month.

But no chance to take him back as we were behind on bills and working to catch up to pay them ….

Me especially – being pregnant and all.

But keep in mind because he was disrespectful and sick, he was becoming a little too high maintenance for us…..

He had a constant need for doctor visits we couldn’t afford in the moment

especially when my baby was born and we really were behind on bills like this expensive NY rent, my bf car notes, and utilities

PLUS his constant need to PEE!

It was like he needed to pee every hour.

We live in a 3 story walk-up apartment (meaning no elevator, only stairs)

None of us were going up and down that much. I barely wanted to do it once!

I have asthma and them steps are exhausting, especially when expecting…..

So because he disrespected us as owners by doing what he wanted behind our back and even outside he is friendly to everyone, we decided the best decision was to find him a home where he can pee in a backyard.

Or get retrained by someone he will listen to because it wasn’t US!

We made the decision to get rid of him in August, I had a friend via Fb who said she wanted him but then she ghosted me when it was time to pick him up.

She is no longer a friend because she just wasn’t real. I even contacted her to see if she was still coming to get him and she ignored my post but makes her own fb posts.

Anyways, Hunter also stayed because I was wondering how I would feel if he left.

And he stayed because I was too busy mourning more than thinking about getting rid of him….

When my daughter was taken from me by God, I had a new outlook on life….

I look at everything different.

I appreciate certain things and accept the things I can.

With that being said, I knew in my heart we still wanted Hunter to have a better home because once we make decisions we like to stick with them.

Plus, he still was having those Chihuahua behaviors that we could no longer stand.

So here we are in October.

It was the 1st week of October when babe said to me that he wanted Hunter gone by the end of the week.

It was due to his obnoxious behavior….

We needed one less thing stressing us out, especially after my baby came out early and the end result….

Soooooooo I did what I had to do! I thought about the best person to ask and it was a high school friend who owns her own shop in Manhattan called Pawsitive Woofs. She loves dogs and I had a hunch that she knew someone if not herself who can take Hunter out of our hands.

That was a good instinct because she absolutely had a friend that wanted a small dog and after she asked her friend, it was set up!

It has been a month now since he has been gone! Wow. 

Remember when I told you he is friendly with strangers?

Well he went straight to my friend!! Tail wagging and all.

I didn’t charge them to take him away. Just as long as he has a good home we were fine with no money.

But damn! At least be sad Hunter! (Lol)

He was more happy than anything, but I feel like once he got in the car he probably was crying for us.

I felt the difference in my home immediately. The 1st week was a little weird….

Hailey was quiet. And normally she makes noise when you enter, she is just quiet then too. I guess when Hunter was in the home she felt like she needed to own her territory.

She also loved Hunter! She would want to play with him all the time.

Hunter was scared of her though! Scared of a puppy……

He would literally run from her.

His socialization with dogs needs improvement. I told my friend that before she picked him up too.

After the 1st week it just came a matter of moving on. My bf missed him a lot, always brought him up in convo. 

It is still quiet without him, but I know he is better off.

It took some adjusting, but I don’t miss him as much as I thought. Maybe because I miss my baby more. 

For now, it’s easier taking care of 1 dog. She’s not high maintenance in the sense of doctor visits, BUT she’s High maintenance as far as being SASSY!! Haha 

If you read my recent post about Hailey, you should know that she is the opposite of what he was. She sits on her own, lay down on her own, she’s super playful with humans and dogs!

I recently taught her to lay on her bed so she don’t be cold at night.

We are training her to “stop” when she is being bad and to “sit” on our command.

She is just hard headed. At least she knows the pad.

She either hates outside or is still too young or spoiled for outside because when we tried to walk her, she wouldn’t budge! She is more of a house dog and for the moment, nothing wrong with that! As I said the steps are torture!

I want her to be more house trained over crate trained. But this isn’t a Hailey post! Stick around for future banters about her! In the future we will be getting a male yorkie.

We have great memories with Hunter, he was great while we had him. He was our central park buddy, our room share buddy and now he is safe in someone else’s home.

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