Hey You Get Out of My Way!!

Is what I will be saying when I start to drive!

LOL Just kidding!

But I am definitely going to try not to be that person!

Welp bloggers,

I know I been away again! Yaddy yada, I am not about to give explanations this time—-

Long story short I’ve been exploring life:


and goals!

I achieved one goal I was a little nervous to achieve and that is I GOT MY PERMIT!!!

In NYC Guys and Gals!

Which will soon be an official DRIVER’S LICENSE!!!!!

The city that never sleeps!


All I did was stopped procrastinating and studied the driver’s manual on top of taking an unnecessary practice tests online…..

“Unnecessary” Yes because the practice tests asks you all sorts of driving questions that weren’t on the test at DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

I literally fake studied what I could soak up in between quiet sessions at work and at home if I wasn’t sleep and prayed I could pass before I had scheduled my official exam by this past Monday.

I swore I was going to be actively studying the night before but something in me told me I didn’t need to.

So I worked my 16 hours (overtime of 8 hrs of course!) hoping I’d pass because I heard people failed on the first try.



Monday morning –> May 15 2017!

I went to the DMV, reservation ready — Thank God because I got through the place quickly….5 minute wait…then I took my picture (which I think is hideous), went to the room to take the test, sat down and…..

Took a moment to hope I was ready. I was in my own head like what if I fail?! Then said to myself “Shut up and start!”

Pressed start on the touch screen computer and off I was!

Luckily, the answers were SUPER easy and all about signs and a few on alcohol.

I was finished in 10 minutes! I was absolutely confident in my answers when I submitted and….

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was soooo ecstatic! I proceeded to wait for the eye exam and once that was done, I paid my fee of $75 and was set to go home to prepare for the next steps.

All I had to do next was sign up for the 5 hour class….

But I didn’t do that right away!

I told my bf the news, friends and co-workers!!

Went to Barnes and Noble and bought 2 books to read!

Made my day!

I passed on the 1st try!!

I was jumping for joy in my head!


I seriously can’t wait to get behind the wheel……

Word is my bf is buying me a car!

The BEST!!!

He is going to be preparing me for my road test too…

Blessings on blessings on blessings!

Not to mention I’ll be in Disneyworld this upcoming Sunday!!!!!

Ommgggg!!! His birthday gift to me!!! ❤


Get me a car right now cuz I am ready to take off!



After vacation, I have my 5 hour class set up so I can schedule my road test and practice while waiting…

I am also going to continue my novels and post more of the creative things of mine

Good things happen when I’m in a good mood!

I’ll of course share more as it comes….

Tell me! How was your first go around to getting your license? Did you pass/fail 1st try? How many attempts did it take? Did you get on the road beforehand? 

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