The Best Place On Earth!!

Sooooo guys and gals…..

I’m FINALLY goin on vacation!!

I get to leave work for a long time!

I’m going to



Omgg I’m sooo thrilled!

Can you tell??


(Little humor there hehe)

We are staying in a beautiful villa!

I get to see my favorite character Minnie, and go to my favorite park Magic Kingdom …..and we are driving there so I get a bonus road trip! 

I’ve been to Disney twice! This will be the third.

I can’t wait to explore it again.

It’s literally magical!

We are only going for 8 days because we have so many things to do in June! But that’ll be enough time.

Plus we are going to Universal studios and Sea World!

I don’t return to work until the 10th tho!


Which I’ll use to write more!!!!!!

Where’s my furry baby gonna stay?? He’s going to Petsmart Hotel for a week…

Talk bout expense! But we love him!!!

That was at least $400….

and a bunch of stress to prepare him for it! Jesus! Had to remember his boarding crap on top of what we need to take to our own trip….

I can’t deal!!!

I’ll miss him dearly :(….

I’m taking off tomorrow night so you guys won’t hear from me until I return.

This vacation is NEEDED! Do you hear me! Too much stress the couple days prior that makes us want it more!

I HATE last minute packing, last minute everything!

What more can I say except…

I’M READY TO GO!!!! See you bloggers when I return!

Have you been to Disney before?? 

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