Revamp this 2017!

Omgosh you don’t even understand how happy I am to see 2017!! 

So what I’m 4 month and some weeks late. 😛


I’m sure you seen this allll over social media but it was sooooo my life!

I talked a little or a lot about certain resolutions but chose to just let 2017 go with the flow.

I am aiming for better than last yr.

2016 flew by but also took me thru all hell!!

I am proud of who I’ve because I found the growth within me.

27 is reaching upon me shortly and I can only hope I get better with age!

But seriously, I need a redo!

2017 started with such a headache, all I wanted to do was press the rewind button

Nothing but constant arguing and stress.

This year I aim to achieve more and find more of myself that is not already discovered.

I need a mental checkout….where no one or nothing affects how I feel.

Stress kills!

I need to become NUMB, which is hard to do.

2017 has already reached its 4th month and for ME, has NOT been a good start or continuation.

Here I am begging WordPress for a redo! lol

Because I can’t actually start the year over….

I think I know when I reached my limit on many things and continue to know as such.

In relationships I know when to press the END button instead of the RECHARGE button.

It is very high risk to be my age and feel like I am about to have a heart attack.

You know how you never experienced a certain side of you until someone brings it out of you?

Welcome to my life.



I feel like I am surrounded by demons. I need a cleanse and the only way to do that is….

Well I won’t talk about it just yet but I will when I have successfully accomplished it.

Let’s just say it will make me feel sooooo much more FREE within myself.

Nooo I will not commit suicide like Hannah did in 13 Reasons Why (Netflix series)

I will just make some life adjustments so stay tuned 🙂

2017 is a year all about me.

As I should ;). I am doing more self reflecting, things that make me happy, working on less arguing, attempt to go to the gym soon, reading, definitely more writing for my books and blogging because I been slackin in that department due to life!

I guess I already am on a redo, I just have to stay committed!


Definitely going to be more motivational before my birthday comes!!!!!

All the things in 2016 I said I would not do in 2017, happened to come about, but it is okay because I am entitled to mistakes….

As I am writing this let me add I am up at 3:30am because I made one of those mistakes again as I been doing since the year started….

Want to know what that is?

Yeah you do….

It’s arguing!!! Yelling and talking at my bf as he was doing to me.


A work in progress

Here is to 2017 fuck ups already! 

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