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What is There to Know About Me? Find Out Below!

So while I’ve been caught up in having this cold that I said “must be gone before the week is over,” babysitting duties, work and pre-planned blogs….. I have not forgotten about the second nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

I am very grateful for this the second time around because that means you guys learn more about me!

I’ve accepted the first one, but I figured I would do the facts tidbit because what’s a blog, without giving more information?

Plus it’s fun!! My blog is forever evolving and I am glad to have awesome readers too! 🙂

So I won’t tag anyone at the end because I tagged so many people already from the first one (here) and the Liebster Award but you can offer your own facts if you like :).

Breaking the rules is what I do best, but I don’t believe in ignoring people! Plus the rules didn’t say you can’t do it twice if nominated twice! 😀

Off I go……

First off, Thank you The Finicky Cynicat for the nomination!  This one is totally for you! 🙂

Everyone check out her awesome blog!


7 Random Facts About Me (Again)!  Continue reading

Shade’s First Versatile Blogger Award!!!


As a recent blogger fresh out of the energy that ignites through my fingers, I am very humble. I always appreciated those given rewards/awards and know that it is earned. I knew my day would come, but I didn’t think so soon! Patience is the key to success and I can only hope that my journey will go far. This is my first nomination and I am ecstatic!

Thank you to all you lovely readers out there!!

First off I want to say Thank you to Rob – V-pub for thinking about my blog as one of the lottery tickets. 🙂

Here are the rules:
1.)  Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you. – Done.
2.)  Share 7 facts about you.
3.) Lastly,nominate any number of fellow bloggers for the same.

7 Interesting Facts About Moi (Me in French):

1. I still have my CDs from when they were a thing in the 90s-Early 2000s. I refuse to give them up just yet! Plus some of them were autographed! 😀

2. I’m a big kid at heart! I Love things such as DisneyWorld (want to go to Disney land), Disney Channel, Teennick, Playing all sorts of board games and tag, etc with children and adults :).


3. In fact, I geek over Minnie Mouse! Last time I met her I was a graduating senior in HS, volunteering in a Virtual Interprises course and we had taken a trip to Disney World. She signed the shirt I spent $50 on just for her (isn’t it cute?):

4. I love writing so much that I used to have 50 journals as a child and if I didn’t stop myself at 17, I’d probably have over 1,000 by now!

5. One of my favorite movies of all time is Romeo and Juliet with the hot Leonardo DiCaprio! I used to watch it faithfully every weekend and every night I had free time. Watch with me and I can still recite lines! (It’s right up there with Titanic)

6. I am an ambivert (Extrovert + Introvert) and I accepted it my last year at the university!

7.  I LOVE summer! I can tolerate being hot, but I can’t deal with being out in 0 degrees with a windchill so brisk it freezes your face!


Now. Drumroll please!……

The Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award Goes To:


When Women Inspire



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Inspiration Indulgence


All you have to do is follow the rules from above, but to save scroll time all over again, here they go again! 🙂

Here are the rules:
1.)  Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you.
2.)  Share 7 awesome facts about you.
3.) Lastly,nominate any number of fellow bloggers for the same.