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Trust Your Instinct….It May Save Your Life!

Instincts>Gut Feelings>Intuition ….You name it, it’s the same meaning….

There’s a fine difference between your stomach growling and your gut feelings telling you something.

I would hope one can tell the difference! Lol

Why is it soooo easy to tell someone to trust their instincts when they discuss with you about a personal matter that they knew was wrong from the jump, yet you can’t do the same?

I have this problem sometimes. I can tell my friends to believe in themselves, but I don’t take my own advice. Intuition is hard. The confidence I said you should have in my last post, you should also have for this feeling. If you aren’t confident that what you feel is true, then you will always have that little insecurity.

It’s just a weird cycle.

For example, My intuition always tells me when someone on the clock is being fake or has a problem with me. Now that I do pay attention to! It’s snakes like them that try to get you fired.

A hater will always try to get rid of you. Trust the gut and watch yo back!

Most of the time I let my gut feeling lead the way.

The older I get, the more I understand that I should seriously listen to that gut feeling.

Instincts are tough to listen to especially when you’re in a relationship. Your heart is all in and it clouds all judgment. Continue reading