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I Creatively Think Too Much!

Since I was on the college subject, let me show you one fabulous thing I did in one of my classes! Look out belowwww!

Below is what a written version of the words in the picture…..

Picture on the Left: 

Out of Body Back in 5

1. That’s the funny thing about the English Language-one word can have any number of meanings. 

2. Good writing tells you something you didn’t already know you knew. 

3. No good can come from telling people your problems. 

4. Never trust a thought that doesn’t come while walking. 

5. Nightmares have seasons like hurricanes. 

6. Some days she could fit all the apologies into her purse, but most days she had to stuff the overflow into her pockets and under her wig.

7. Have you ever noticed that what passes as a terrific man would only be an adequate woman?

8. Horizontal hostility-contempt for women is another fear and mistrust of other women, because other women we see are ourselves.  Continue reading