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DUFF Book/Movie Review!

Okay guys, So I’ve done a full on book Review but today is Movie and book review day!

Now as you guys know, DUFF is Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

(If you didn’t, you’re welcome *In my Sadie from Awkward voice* haha)

When I first saw the coming attraction to the movie, I thought hey this looks interesting!

BTW I know I am sooooo late! But my ex didn’t want to see the movie with me and I didn’t have anyone else to go with me sooooo I never saw it until now…..

But anyway….

Then I found out there was a book coming out so I said, “Oh you know I gotta read the book” to no one but my bookworm self of course!

I read the book first….been read it. In like June, I did.

The book is sooooo much better!!

Isn’t it that way with all books turned movies?

The book is always going to explain more because there’s not enough time and space in the movie budget to add all the specifics.

But damn! They could have tried harder on the movie!

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