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This Class is Sooo…..

Ever been in the classroom and couldn’t wait for the bell?!

Yes I have been  that way all the time….

Especially during Math class!

My face would be like


that was my high school days

I couldn’t wait to spend a quick 3 mins to 5 mins in the hallway with my friends chatting and gossiping about everything!

Of course I looked forward to English class!

I was in class like


I also liked gym class and lunch…

those were too easy!!  Continue reading

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Hug One? Show Them You Do Care! :)

Yay! It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and as the official day approaches (Tuesday is appreciation day) I must provide a letter to all the lovely teachers/professors that helped me become the educated and well written writer I am today!

So share your Cinco de Mayo with the teachers! 😀

Here’s the History behind it all from Hallmark for more information:


Dearest Teachers:

I remember the first time I cracked open a book and thought this shouldn’t be hard. Continue reading