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Do What You Want To Do!

Lately, the more I talk to people about degrees and the more they ask me what I plan on doing with mine I am kind of glad I don’t talk about it with many people.

If you are anything like me, you not only hate when people tell you about yourself….but you also hate when they try to tell you what your major can do for you.

Are you currently trying to be where you want to be or are you stuck in the same situation as I am?

If you are working retail, don’t tell me about what my post grad should look like if you are doing the same thing as I am.

IF you have neverrrrrr been to college and held all your coins instead of spending them on college loans and such, DO NOT tell me what I could, should be doing.

The most basic yet versatile major is English.

I know some bloggers who are or was English majors so they can relate.

The questions such as:

“Do you wanna be a teacher?”

“What can you do with that?” Continue reading