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Oooo You So Shady!

Besides the fact that this site’s host name has the word shade, I figured what good would it be if I never talked about the shaaaadeeee  I see everyday? Let me break it down for you.

First off…What is Shade?

Shade is the blocking of the sun thanks to natural things such as trees. It feels good when its that summer heat blazing through the street and all you want to do is run to the shade…. right?

Shade is when you wear those sunglasses to block you from that sun,


as well as the nickname for those sunglasses. Double whammy! 😉

Shade is dissing your friend, family or significant other.


As you know there is more terms to shade but I won’t list them all.

Now that we’ve got that covered…..

I just love when friends are the shadiest there is. They are the true hypocrites. When you need them, they are nowhere to be found, but they expect you to be there all the time. Continue reading