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Regret Me Not!

Like Forget me not….


I have regrets. I think we all do.

Regret is such a strong word. It’s almost like hate.

Why do we create regrets knowing it doesn’t make us feel good at all?

I regret the kind of relationship I have with my mother. But that’s not something I can fix because she isn’t willing to fix that.

We aren’t best friends like most and I don’t go to her about my life changing events/troubles.

I regret all the pain I’ve been put through from exes because I could have avoided that by being smarter back then.

I regret all the pain I caused my recent ex, it wasn’t fair to both of us to go through that.

I regret all the pain my ex caused me because I could have avoided that just as well.

As the days have gone by, I really don’t stress the small stuff. I can shrug my shoulders at almost everything.

I don’t live a carefree life just yet, but I will live it one day.

My mind is definitely carefree. I’m happy, yes. But I am not stressing about the things that don’t bother me.

I get up, go to work, see the bf and do it all over again without worries.

My biggest worry that is shoved into the back of my mind is loans. Damn education! Why did I go to a school out of town just to get slapped in the face with loans? Grrrr.

Is that a regret? No. I had fun at Iowa State University and I’ve met some pretty great people from there that I know are gonna be around for a long time. 🙂

But damn, I regret the educational system. Lol I have to pay these fools back.  Continue reading