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Getting Tired of Those Boring Greetings? Me too!

You have met someone on the street. You possibly bumped into them on the way to the store. Once, you make eye contact, you say “Hello” or “Hi.” Some follow ups are the standard “what’s your name?” “can I get your number” and so on.

These are the usual greetings that people send out to make a new friend, find a new relationship, etc. Aside from those, there are the cat callings that make women turn away quickly.

How does the first impression get you where you want to be with someone? You change the style of the greeting! It’s like a job interview. Except, there’s less selling yourself. You have the option to what you say based on how you feel towards that person. Sometimes the person you thought was one way, ends up another.

Be fun and less boring! Be unique without trying too hard.

Instead of the usual, don’t use attraction. That’s old. Say something about their interests. But be sure to ask “How does this sound when I read it out loud?” It you wouldn’t say it, don’t write it.

In-person greetings are typically easier. But what about the non-verbal way? That’s right! It’s 2015, you’ve guessed it….the World Wide Web aka the Internet aka Online aka Social Media. My how has the word changed quite frequently.

When you are introducing yourself, there’s nothing particularly wrong with “Hi” as it is known nationally and internationally. The problem is what do you say after that.

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