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It’s Graduation Time!!! :)

The expensive fees. The cap and gown shopping. In college you pick the tassel for your major.

I remember when I was jealous because I wanted the purple, but instead I had white for LAS (Liberal Arts & Studies).

After the mandatory shopping, there’s also the attire shopping. What do you wear to the event?

How about the nerves you get walking down the stage….

Hearing speeches as you try not to cry. When your name is called you feel relief as if you won’t be doing it again in a couple of years….even after the bachelor’s.

The words for flipping your tassel to the other side.

A great sense of accomplishment.

It’s definitely graduating season and it takes me back to my own.


I had fun at every single one. I cried at my university graduation simply because I couldn’t believe I did it!!

To the college grads from May…..A HUGE congrats!

One thing I liked about my high school ceremony was that we did throw our hats up once it was over. We gave the parents a good laugh.

I’ve attended every single one without a problem. While graduation may be boring and long it was exciting just sitting there.

I attended a graduation today. It’s the 10 yr old aka the Project 10 girl!! 🙂  Continue reading