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When Wearing Glasses Goes Wrong!

Nothing annoys me more than when that 5th grade teacher suggested I get glasses because I couldn’t see his small text in the very corner of the board! Then had the nerve to call me out in front of the whole class!


It’s because of him that I am a four eyed human being.


Seriously tho. I should have told my mom that I can see fine! Why is it that after someone suggests you’re blind, the next person agrees and then your eyes fall for the latter? Smh

I was perfectly fine until I went to the eye doctor. I walk out with my first prescribed lens for the rest of my life. Tuh!

Good thing I’m near sided. Wait is that a good thing? Probably not because I can’t see far!

Am I the only one that can’t see right away after a new prescription? Ever try walking home in bright daylight with those blurry eyes, tryna get home without dying because you were hungry and blind at the same time.


I did that once, and never again.

I just wanted to get home.

I didn’t like how they felt, I felt sort of different. I didn’t know what to do. I was a lil’ girl, trying to fit in by finding friends and such and glasses was not it.

Most of my friends complemented me and said “cute glasses” but as my mouth screamed “thanks.” My mind said “yeah, yeah.” Continue reading