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Keep Your Hands Down and Step Away From My Hair!

I feel like my own hair police most times. Growing up, it’s all people wanted to do!

Just the thought of a person’s hands in another person’s hair for a long period of time is unappealing. Someone’s gruesome, dirty, unsanitized hands to want to touch your fresh, flat ironed, or curly hair! They just ate and touched a glass and immediately want to touch. Ew! At least wash ya hands first.

If you just realized your friends has done that then I’m sorry! A person’s hands that dirty has never been in my hair, I just have a vivid imagination!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural, has weave or tracks; long or short the issue stands for everyone.

Touching my hair also came with the “is it real? or is it yours?” question. The answer is YES! It’s not THAT hard to tell the difference, let alone FEEL the difference! Especially coming from women. SMH

The worst is when they don’t ask and they just do. Ummmm….NO! No way. Pump ya brakes. How would you feel if someone did that to you?

Ever met someone that loves touching hair, but hates theirs being touched? Yeah, I haven’t either. But I’m sure they are out there.

This has happened to me ever since I was about 7 years old:

Ugh! Isn’t the point of a question to wait for an answer? It literally “grinds my gears” as Peter from Family Guy would say. Lol!

My hair is a good length, given the fact that I am mixed. I have also been taking care of it since I stopped getting perms in the 6th grade. I did it all by myself. Yay me! Haha.

I usually get asked “How did you get your hair so long?” Only to assess the situation and find the right way to tell my process to whom is asking.

I usually have a hard time taking compliments because I am not a shallow or egotistical person, but I believe sometimes it is a positive initiative when asked about one’s hair. I don’t mind if a great friend of mine wants to touch my hair (as long as their hands are clean!)

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