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When Are You Going to Have MY Back?!!

I never have nobody back, they say.

But half the people that complain never have mine.

I defend other people’s honors, values, when expected..

Who does it for me?

I’m too nice to people.

I’m quiet because I always get the short end of the stick.

I’m never benefited in return yet I always seem to be the guilty one.

Most best friends are always like call me if you need me but when I do, they half ass ignore me!

When they call, I’m all ears.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

I make people laugh, I stop them from crying….

But who is doing the same for me?

Who is making me laugh, stopping my tears?
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My Sincere Apologies….

This post is necessary as I have been gone for a week! A week! Yes, but I just wanted to acknowledge my lovely friends. I have been gone due to stress that wholeee week.

It did feel like a year though! 

I love my WordPress friends and it hurt to be away from you guys but I couldn’t deal with what I was going through at home and then try to write a blog post without crying.

So I took a vacation, briefly….

because I am dedicated to this blog!

I have some wonderful people and I wish I could meet all of you!!! 

Thank you for being patient with me.

I will try not to disappear without warning, but if I do then you know it is because I am going through some things I cannot express just yet to you guys.


Now back to the regularly scheduled program……..

It’s in progress….


Hey You….Can You Spare a Dollar?!

Let me tell you about being broke.

It sucks. But I hate when there’s fake friends that follow behind it.

Confused? Here let me explain…No Kevin Hart intended hehe

So I’m sure you haven’t, but ever see a friend that asks you to attend a place that obviously costs money and they know you have ZERO coins…yet they ask anyway?

Almost like rubbing it in that you can’t go anywhere. Then they don’t offer to spot you when they really want you to go.

In this lovely city you get all sorts of people right?

So what’s is being broke? What does it feel like?

When I say, “Hey I’m broke.” For me it’s I don’t have a pot to piss in.

It’s not “hey I have money saved up but I’m broke”

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When Friendships Sail….

So a comment on my recent post brought me to this topic.

She said she would completely leave a friend cold if she is shady.

But what happens when you decide to give them a second chance?

Do you believe in second chances? I do and that’s with most things in life such as relationships, friendships, job ethics and more.

I’ve told this story a million times over to some friends and they ask “Why?”

So today I will brief it for you.

I have this friend, she’s a lovely person but we argued toooooooo much in our years of friendship. She always complained about something I did or said or my life and how hers is different from mine.

She was insecure, jealous, etc… you name it, that’s it.

But I wasn’t the friend trying to make her the DUFF. I was just being her friend! I never complain about her, yet she complained about me.

Shape and size shouldn’t matter. It never does for me, but for a while it did for her. Yikes.

It was the same thing every year until I drilled in her head that I am human too.

But when she wanted to space out for a couple months, my feelings were:

I need to let this out because maybe my words to my friend isn’t sitting clear.

So I ask my virtual friends and family…… Continue reading

Being “Good Enough”…..Does It Ever End?

So lately I have been seeing many self esteem videos and people who lack thereof and I just can’t shake this off.

It made me think about the one thing most people ask, but don’t ask the right person.

Am I good enough? Or was I good enough?

But to whom?

Right now, I’m talking about to the parents.

As a child you are just shaping who you want to be. You work your way up to “what you wanna be when you grow up” and you look up to people.

When you become a young adult, you are still exploring life as brand new changes occur.

As an adult, you become wiser as you age and look back at your childhood and it’s like looking through a magnifying glass or a crystal clear mirror.

If you’re anything like me, you had the parent that was verbally abusive. Always yelling at you for no reason!

Then again, everyone’s childhood is different. I wish I had the 2 parent household with a home I can grow up in and just be a child. One can dream right?

Sooooo you push yourself to do better, to become better! To show them that you are better than what they see or what they once were. Some never notice though.

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Yes….I mean No. I Just Can’t Anymore.

Those are the words of a confused person. A person that wants to be nice all the time perhaps and finally has the courage to say no. It felt like walking on water. It’s a breath of fresh air.

I’m talking about the Yes Man/Woman!

It’s just like this Jim Carrey classic:

If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty funny!

A Yes Man/Woman throws out the word yes before giving it some thought.

For example: “Hey, can you help me move tomorrow? It’s just me and you know two hands are better than one.”  The man/woman already know they have obligations or just really don’t want to do it but they are a genuine, nice person from birth so they feel like it is their responsibility to say YES!

Or They just got in from work. They want to get naked and relax. As soon as they lay down, their cousin asks them “hey man, can you run to the store for me? I have to start cooking, but I am missing one ingredient.” Every fiber and every bone in his/her body screams no, but it’s family so they take the latter right? Continue reading

How Do You Watch TV These Days?

I tend to always have random thoughts as I go through the daily life of my existence right? But I am not alone. Sooo…..

I have been thinking about how the world is changing rapidly and if you’re not paying attention, you can get left behind.

Technology is the biggest reason for this. In this case, I am talking about the Television.

Do you remember sitting in front of the TV as a little toddler, cheering on when Barney sang “I Love You” or laughing to the latest Sesame Street? Yeah me too!

Perhaps as you get older, you become accustomed to the company you keep occasionally as you watch TV. Or maybe that’s just me? I prefer to watch TV with friends as opposed to alone, unless its a show that I am deeply into and I need complete silence for it.

Is that awkward? I was never the lonely type, which is why I had multiple friends

Moving on……

Watching TV with friends has changed though! It used to be that either they attend your home or your attend theirs You grab the popcorn or ice cream or chips with soda/juice and prepare for the show to start. That was the norm because you wanted to bond with your friend….No Big Deal!

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Am I A Mentor? I Suppose I Am….

I never thought I would see the day that I would become a mentor before I had kids of my own.

I didn’t think I was worthy of being a mentor. Why you ask?

Simply because I didn’t think I had it in me. It sounded like a full time job that I wasn’t ready for.

I would ask myself, how can I be a mentor to someone when I don’t have my own life together?

I was about 15 when I thought about this. I saw many people with mentors around me.

I knew I wanted one….but did I want to be one? No not really.


2014! Yes last year!  It happened on it’s own! Upon my re-arrival back in NYC….Yay Home! I revisited these two beautiful little girls that I haven’t seen in about 3 years. They are sisters as well. It feels good to see them again. No they aren’t mine!

They are awesome, although I must admit sometimes they are too much to handle! Geez. Haha But seriously? What kid isn’t? Annoyance is apart of every child’s vocabulary.

I enjoy the laughs though. Kids are the cutest beings on the planet.

I guess I should mention that they are 4 and 10.

I love them to death…..for real!

I see myself as a regular human being, making it throughout my days/weeks.

One day the 10 year old started asking me questions such as “Hey Karen…When you were younger, did you have technology?” Of course I told her “no and I prefer it that way because I learned so much” Continue reading

Happy Easter!!! Spice It Up!

I don’t mean like the Spice Girls either! 😀

I remember as a child I would get excited because this was my favorite day/weekend. I couldn’t wait for the candy. I couldn’t wait to get the Sweet Tarts and Sour Patches in baskets and on its own. It was the only thing I looked forward to.

I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about 6. Then the only thing I believed in was an Easter basket. I always had the full ones too! I felt spoiled haha. Oh I can’t forget about the chocolate bunny. The milk chocolate was the best. I didn’t like Peeps though! You can have those! Lol

As a child I think all the holidays are your favorite because you did or received something exciting.

When you grow up, you start to outgrow the same things you loved. My last basket was given to me when I was like 13. I just knew that was the last one and that’s okay because I wanted to do activities. I preferred going to the movies with friends or staying at their houses as opposed to going out with my mom or just staying inside.

I did like dressing up. I am a dressy girl, I will wear a dress when the weather calls for it. As a little girl I loved the floral prints and bright pink dresses. I even had pink shoes to match. I wasn’t allowed to have purses which was fine because what would I put in it? Continue reading

Tug Of War….With Windows/Heaters/AC’s

First off, this is random but do you remember playing tug of war? It was soooo much fun! As you get older, you start having your own versions of it, just no rope….am I right?


Sooo as the weather is changing, its got me thinking as I travel daily and can’t tell whether the weather wants to be cold, spring like or winter-esque…..I have to deal with this again!

I experience this one riff almost everyday, its only going becoming the usual or the norm once again as the weather changes. Ugh!

This consistent scuffle with my significant other of windows/heaters and AC (air conditioners)…Well heat is controlled by the building here but in our old apartment, we flicked the switch on and off constantly for heat/air. It never failed!

Now we fuss over the window until we compromise with either a cracked window or blankets. Sometimes I just don’t give up until the window is closed.

Our little mini dispute goes like this:

Me: “close the window! It’s too cold outside for that” or “babe can you close the window/turn AC down (according to the setting of the weather)”

Him: “no I’m hot, use a blanket!”

Me: “No just close the window..Or close it some. I cant sleep if i’m cold”

The nerve of him! 😛 That’s just us though! All the time! It doesn’t get old. Oh gosh are we an old married couple already? Oh My! Haha

But this has been going on for many times/years now and the fight never ends. Seriously this is us everyday except last night…where the air was cool and soothing. Not cold, chilly, but a nice breeze. There was no arguing needed!

We have tug of wars especially when its summer time and he wants the AC on freezer setting. In the summer I don’t mind the AC on, but once it makes me cold, I just want it off. The end! No questions asked and no negotiating it. Its meant to cool you down, not make you cold ass hell! #JustSaying

Why him and not me? Because I get cold easily!! I would rather be hot than cold. I don’t like Winter although I live in NY! Buuuurrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Every time I say I am cold, this is all he hears blah blah blah 😀

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