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How Can You Think in a Generation of Social Media!?

It is hard growing up in a fast advancing generation when you grew up in a world that was slow. I’m talking about the childhood where you went outside and socialized with your so called friends.

I remember when I was in my early years, I was always outside. I learned how to ride a bike, how to roller skate, how to play tag, Red light-green light-one two three, Red Rover, and many more fun games.

As I moved to a new neighborhood by the age of 13, I met new friends. I played the same games but I also learned to just sit on the stoop and get to know these “friends” a little better.

As girls, we would play double dutch.

As one of the boys, we sit and chill on the stoop and talk about nothing.

I was a tomboy. I never really hung out with girls.

I dressed like one of course (a girl that is), but just didn’t really like hanging with girls.

Girls are the shadiest of all.

But anywho….

Yeah I had a cellphone at the age of 13. But I only texted one friend.

When I started High School, I became more in tune with myself. I learned a few things about myself along the way. I learned how to make more friends.

I learned how to separate my school friends from my around my hood friends.

They never clashed.

I had an AOL account. I used AIM, Myspace, and Sconex.

AIM was cool because I got to talk to friends instantly….helloooo instant message! Continue reading

Oooh I Like It When You Touch Me There!

Ahh this touchy subject….literally…

The time you lost your virginity. When everything was confusing.

The feeling was amazing….

The feeling was painful….

When girls spiel “I love you” for no damn reason…

When guys can’t handle her spiel…

The awkwardness and wondering when it will stop being awkward….

When a girl runs and shares wit her homegirls all the details…

When a boy fronts and tells his boys half the truth about it…

That’s right ladies and gents this post is all about SEX!

Queue song!


Okay no seriously….I remember my first time. It was fun when I was in the moment, but looking back at it I wish I waited a little longer. Don’t you hate that? When you almost regret something because your mind wasn’t mature enough to make the right decision….

Yeah sooo sadly I grew up in a home where the birds and the bees was not discussed. My dad passed away when I was 3, so all I had was my mom. She has been in and out of relationships trying to figure out her own life that she couldn’t even teach me or my brother the ropes of sex. My brother might have learned from friends or my uncle(s), or maybe even figured it out on his own. I on the other hand had to ride solo….

I was unfortunately 14 years old when I lost my virginity. Yikes. Yeah I know. Silly me. But that is the type of freedom I had.  Continue reading

The F- Challenge!!


Thank you The Finicky Cynic for this F Challenge! Here is her post here: https://thefinickycynicat.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/the-f-challenge/comment-page-1/#comment-1434

1. Thank the person who nominated you. 

2. Write a prose of five lines, in which every line should start and end with a word that starts with ‘F’. 

3. Keep the link of the original F- Challenge in the post, so that the creator may get a pingback. (You can find it here)

4. This challenge is open to anyone who sees it, or reads a F- Challenge post from someone.

5. Nominate 7 other bloggers for this challenge. 

Prose is soooo hard but here is mine! 😛 

First moments are always Favored

Friction made our hearts Flutter

First kiss was filled with Flattery

Fortuitous attitudes are very Frequent

Finally I can be Free

Man that was hard to write! So glad I got that outta the way. 

I nominate:

Yesterday After

Erika Kind



Lil Rant


…..and you guys can write a poem if you want. I was going to do a poem but this was slightly easier!

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When Wearing Glasses Goes Wrong!

Nothing annoys me more than when that 5th grade teacher suggested I get glasses because I couldn’t see his small text in the very corner of the board! Then had the nerve to call me out in front of the whole class!


It’s because of him that I am a four eyed human being.


Seriously tho. I should have told my mom that I can see fine! Why is it that after someone suggests you’re blind, the next person agrees and then your eyes fall for the latter? Smh

I was perfectly fine until I went to the eye doctor. I walk out with my first prescribed lens for the rest of my life. Tuh!

Good thing I’m near sided. Wait is that a good thing? Probably not because I can’t see far!

Am I the only one that can’t see right away after a new prescription? Ever try walking home in bright daylight with those blurry eyes, tryna get home without dying because you were hungry and blind at the same time.


I did that once, and never again.

I just wanted to get home.

I didn’t like how they felt, I felt sort of different. I didn’t know what to do. I was a lil’ girl, trying to fit in by finding friends and such and glasses was not it.

Most of my friends complemented me and said “cute glasses” but as my mouth screamed “thanks.” My mind said “yeah, yeah.” Continue reading

Trust Your Instinct….It May Save Your Life!

Instincts>Gut Feelings>Intuition ….You name it, it’s the same meaning….

There’s a fine difference between your stomach growling and your gut feelings telling you something.

I would hope one can tell the difference! Lol

Why is it soooo easy to tell someone to trust their instincts when they discuss with you about a personal matter that they knew was wrong from the jump, yet you can’t do the same?

I have this problem sometimes. I can tell my friends to believe in themselves, but I don’t take my own advice. Intuition is hard. The confidence I said you should have in my last post, you should also have for this feeling. If you aren’t confident that what you feel is true, then you will always have that little insecurity.

It’s just a weird cycle.

For example, My intuition always tells me when someone on the clock is being fake or has a problem with me. Now that I do pay attention to! It’s snakes like them that try to get you fired.

A hater will always try to get rid of you. Trust the gut and watch yo back!

Most of the time I let my gut feeling lead the way.

The older I get, the more I understand that I should seriously listen to that gut feeling.

Instincts are tough to listen to especially when you’re in a relationship. Your heart is all in and it clouds all judgment. Continue reading

Where’s Your Confidence? Is It Behind You?

I will admit, I couldn’t figure out what topic to choose this week.

This is not a rant, it is to send a message while remaining humble.

Confidence is something everyone can relate too. The world faces it daily. As a woman, I can say it’s been a battle for quite a long time.

At times, many of us like to put up a front when we have a lot of things going on.

I know I do. It is a habit I’ve grown and learned to master to hide my inner feelings so no one asks what’s wrong. I’ve done this a lot with confidence.

I was a shy girl growing up and it was seen by everyone that I met. For some reason, I let the way people look get the best of me. Ugh like duh girl! No one is the same! But I had to earn that and cherish that as I grew up. Nobody had to encourage me. I figured it out the hard way.

Ya see, society makes it easy to feel some type of way about yourself. There are many models, handsome/sexy/beautiful people that exist and Hollywood makes it known.

It is the job of the parent to convince their child and prove to them that they are everything and more. Confidence comes from within. When that parent isn’t doing their job, the child has to find their way.

Where’s my confidence? It’s in my heart, in my mind and in my……..SMILE! 

Continue reading