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Are You Too Good To Be Mentioned?!

Who gave men the disciplinal right to try to demand certain things from women???

From “curfews” to budgeting (but you can’t tell them to budget their own money oh no), to cooking & cleaning to many more but my most recent fav….

Telling you NOT to blog about them!!!

Especially when they don’t even READ your blog!!


About a month ago I subbed this gov lady in my post cuz her man was pretending to be my man and she “so called researched” and found my blog as a connection to him. Hmm how? If his name isn’t tagged in my posts and the only way you do that is if you have his first and last name which you must have got from ya fake lyin’ ass man and searched fb to get to me as well…… My man found out cuz it was his best friend’s brother…his bestie was talkin’ so much shit about my blog and his ass don’t read it either!

Long story short, my bf was all “don’t talk about me” Continue reading

Damn! Why You Have to be so Petty?!

Petty Betty

Why is everyone so petty?

What is the definition of petty?

Urban Dictionary states:
A. “The act of doing or saying something that has little meaning/significance.”

B. “The state of “being” when one does something simply to annoy someone else”

C. “When someone takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion.

At times, making something otherwise insignificant into something bigger to suit their own agenda.”

……Aaannndddd I’m talking about all of those definitions…

Petty is immature people

Petty is a high school work environment….which means when everyone gossips, spreads rumors and always all up in ya business

Petty is when men and women try to ruin your relationship

Petty is when you let them Continue reading