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Stop Crying!! Go Have Fun!

*Whoops late post as I have been a busy gal!

You may remember my post on Dumping the EX which you can read below!


This post is specifically about the actions of being the dumpee, not the dumper.

As usual I think of things all the time as I travel. As well as in conversations with friends and more. A friend of mine recently has been going through it with her boyfriend and she is nonchalant. It’s probably random for others, but for me I have seen it before. Sometimes you don’t need the pity party.

How come there is that instant sympathetic feel you get from friends when you tell them you dumped someone or has been dumped? They want to take you out and do all sorts of things to make up for it.

We Conform to society too much and it is time to stand up! 

The dumper may or may not have a harder time than you moving on. But if they dumped you, usually they don’t need the healing party.

Is this just a girl thing? I always wanted to know that so I am asking today. 

Stick around, it gets pretty funny. 😀

You automatically get judged for what happened in your previous relationship.
“Girl what did you do?”
If that’s not you, then you hear, “it’s about time.”
“What he do. Did he cheat?”
But my favorite is “Are you ok?”
Should I wallow in my sorrows over what just happened?
I deserve to sit and cry while he’s looking for the next step into…..


No Thanks.

I am almost sure the older you get, the less you care about breakups unless you seriously loved the other person.

Hear me out.

When I was younger, (yes I feel old at a quarter of a century ok?! Haha)
I thought I was in the best of relationships.
I was in love a few times….”puppy love” Continue reading