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Movie Review: Everything Everything

This movie caught my attention when I went to the movie theater to see Wonder Woman and seen this trailer.

I’m a hopeless romantic so anything …well almost anything that looks adorable makes me want to check it out.

This story was very different so it attracted me.


The concept: I LOVE the imagination behind this story in which the main character Maddie is sick and cannot leave her house. She decides to be bold when she meets Olly and escape the house she has known for 17 years.

I won’t spoil the entire movie but I will say that every moment of the movie had me drawn in.

Like her cool architecture skill that created her own burger joint.

Oooo how about when they have sex? I totally knew that was coming! The chemistry was there!

Especially when she bought tickets to Hawaii and Olly went with her. It was their escape.

Her escape.

An escape I very much need too. But we will discuss that another lifetime.

I was thinking the entire time SHE’S NOT SICK!!!

No way does a person risk their life knowing they can die….

But that is everyone. We risk our lives almost every day.

I was totally thinking she was never sick, she can go outside.

What made up sickness is SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency)

I was totally happy she found love in Olly. How dare she be locked up in her home forever not having any interaction with strangers simply because she was told she can’t.

I felt for her!

That disease must have sucked. Imagine not being able to leave the house?

When she got sick in Hawaii and later spoke to the same doctor that helped her in Hawaii, she realized she wasn’t sick!

I knew it! Her mother made that up to keep her safe after her brother and father died.

Maddie has been a product of her mother’s scheme to keep her protected so she doesn’t die like her sibling and father.

Apart of me was angry at the mother, but then I also can relate.

I was thrilled that while Olly and Maddie took a short lived break from each other because her mother thought he was causing her danger to her health; they met up in NY at the end in a ….. BOOKSTORE!

#TeamMaddie&Olly #Madolly? Lol


Maddie loved to read books. 

Just like ME! 

In the movie she said she don’t have any vices but I think reading is her vice.

During the movie, I wondered … IS this movie a book?

I googled it and the answer is OF COURSE! I sampled the book and so far it was matching the movie…

So you know what that means? 😉

Time to read the book! 



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DUFF Book/Movie Review!

Okay guys, So I’ve done a full on book Review but today is Movie and book review day!

Now as you guys know, DUFF is Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

(If you didn’t, you’re welcome *In my Sadie from Awkward voice* haha)

When I first saw the coming attraction to the movie, I thought hey this looks interesting!

BTW I know I am sooooo late! But my ex didn’t want to see the movie with me and I didn’t have anyone else to go with me sooooo I never saw it until now…..

But anyway….

Then I found out there was a book coming out so I said, “Oh you know I gotta read the book” to no one but my bookworm self of course!

I read the book first….been read it. In like June, I did.

The book is sooooo much better!!

Isn’t it that way with all books turned movies?

The book is always going to explain more because there’s not enough time and space in the movie budget to add all the specifics.

But damn! They could have tried harder on the movie!

Continue reading

The Fill-In Boyfriend Book Review!

Saayyyyy What? You heard that correctly….

Girls stay tuned!

For the first time ever I am doing a book review! 🙂


I loved this book so much that I just had to share it with other readers like me.

Besides this may be the perfect book to read for all the grads! Hehe

Okay so The Fill-In Boyfriend book is about a girl who had a boyfriend named Bradley.

He broke up with her minutes before Prom so now she has no date!

Oh My!

In the parking lot at that!! Seriously dude?!

She was crushed. Instead of going in alone or not at all, she sees this handsome man sitting in his car.

He was actually waiting in the car because he was worried about her! He saw her whole argument with Bradley! Cute right??

She gets this brilliant idea to ask him to be her “fill in” date to prom to impress her friends.

You see, Bradley is a college student. Gia is in High School.

(Reminds me of when I had a college bf in HS, haha)

Her friends know of Bradley, seen some side photos and was probably looking forward to meeting him on Prom night.

Just so she can keep up the momentum of having a cooler boyfriend, she needed a “Bradley.”

The guy in the car decided to do her a favor. So he went home and changed to be her date.

He instantly walked into that one. He now has become “Fill-In Bradley”…….Get It?

So he had to pretend to be the guy she knew in the small amount of months they dated, I think it was about 3? I forgot already and I just finished it lol. Continue reading