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Ugh Not Another Boyfriend!

So let me tell you. I was guilty of this a couple times. I used to say it to friends, but mostly they say it to me.

When they become snoozers I think it’s time to replace them. Don’t you agree?

*To the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left*

If a guy believed he was irreplaceable, I tell them I can show them better than I can tell them.

Why must their egos be so big? I Don’t Know!

That includes bad boys!

For the Exes that really thought they were “keep arounds” …..

As kids of the teenage years you still don’t fully know yourself right? Then when you date, it’s kind of hard to peel through the eyes of that person. Some of them aren’t entirely open and others are silent.

As my grandma would say, “you change boyfriends more than you changed ya underwear”  Continue reading

“This is a Man’s World?” Says Who?

Today is a two-fer! First time in my blogging history that I’ve done this. I think you deserve it.

Anywho, You know the song. If not, you can check it out here. Yet even James Brown knew a man is lost without a woman.

However, You hear it all the time.

Men dust the dirt off their shoulders every time because they believe it.

Us women, we just

It is a terrible debate that was probably leaked after the “Eve came from Adam’s rib” blurb.

It lead most men to do such things and hold the world they claim to own over their heads. Men cheat possibly because the ratio of women to men is greater than it is men to women? A man can have 5 girls while a woman will have 1, maybe 2. Hmmmm……

Back then it was pretty clear to see that men were dominant because they were the only one in the working class for a long time until women were granted the opportunity to work. As the years progress, women are dominating and some men might see that as a threat. Continue reading