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You Grabbed Your Remote….Are You About To Watch……

PrimeTime TV? Preferably You’ve turned to the latest Empire episode you missed. Or the latest Scandal?

So we all have stressed the fact that Black History Month has been diluted thanks to the Oscars, Grammy’s, Superbowl and everything else, but it lacks acknowledging what the month stands for.

And I definitely agree. I think this calls for an educational rant! ūüėČ

Sure it’s March and February no longer matters, BUT no one seems to discuss the fact that while everyone on Social Media bickers on the lack of appreciation for “Black Lives Matter,” that those who are TV screenwriters actually know that it does. I actually recognized it and I AM PROUD!¬†

Confused? Here let me help you. Lol

What I mean is that Black History is getting better! Black History is an important month, but it is technically black history everyday. The actors and actresses on TV are inspiring someone everyday.

Black History Month will always represent those in the past that paved the way for our current present. We can never forget Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks and more. But we must also appreciate the new people that are creating history today. Such as Kevin Hart (that’s my babe right there haha), Taraji P Henson (Love her too!), Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Wayne Brady, Anthony Anderson and so on.

Even Jussie Smollett (Jamal on Empire) as he is reminding the world what REAL R&B is. ūüėČ

I recently came across an interesting article that stressed how the Black Community can be conflicted even when getting what was asked of. There was a high demand for more Blacks on TV and on film. It has definitely increased since then and I am excited to see aspiring screenwriters and successful screenwriters take action into making it more prominent.

On BET’s Blog: “Commentary: Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating and Cookie Lyon Are Not Your Therapists” it states:¬† Continue reading

Keep Your Hands Down and Step Away From My Hair!

I feel like my own hair police most times. Growing up, it’s all people wanted to do!

Just the thought of a person’s hands in another person’s hair for a long period of time is unappealing. Someone’s gruesome, dirty, unsanitized¬†hands to want to touch your fresh, flat ironed, or curly hair! They just ate and touched a glass and immediately want to touch. Ew! At least wash ya hands first.

If you just realized your friends has done that then I’m sorry! A person’s hands that dirty has never been in my hair, I just have a vivid imagination!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural, has weave or tracks; long or short the issue stands for everyone.

Touching my hair also came with the “is it real? or is it yours?” question. The answer is YES! It’s not THAT hard to tell the difference, let alone FEEL the difference! Especially coming from women. SMH

The worst is when they don’t ask and they just do. Ummmm….NO! No way. Pump ya brakes. How would you feel if someone did that to you?

Ever met someone that loves touching hair, but hates theirs being touched? Yeah, I haven’t either. But I’m sure they are out there.

This has happened to me ever since I was about 7 years old:

Ugh! Isn’t the point of a question to wait for an answer? It literally “grinds my gears” as Peter from¬†Family Guy would say. Lol!

My hair is a good length, given the fact that I am mixed. I have also been taking care of it since I stopped getting perms in the 6th grade. I did it all by myself. Yay me! Haha.

I usually get asked “How did you get your hair so long?” Only to assess the situation and find the right way to tell my process to whom is asking.

I usually have a hard time taking compliments because I am not a shallow or egotistical person, but I believe sometimes it is a positive initiative when asked about one’s hair. I don’t mind if a great friend of mine wants to touch my hair (as long as their hands are clean!)

Continue reading

“My Block” – A Movie with a Powerful Enlightenment

Today I bring to you a movie based on gentrification which affects small businesses and neighborhoods today especially in NY. It’s a serious issue and somebody somewhere has got to take action. Before I get into specifics, let me introduce you to the definition and the man who created a movie I believe will open the eyes of many.

Gentrification is “the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents” – Merriam-Webster definition.¬†¬†

Taquan Pugh, 24 and a Brooklyn native; is a man in control of his own work with high goals to inspire the world with his message. He is the true meaning of a young, innovative, upcoming entrepreneur that is multi-talented.


I had the pleasure of having a quick Q & A with him. Check it out:

1.  What inspired you to write such a great script?

“Gentrification is very prevalent in major cities across the country especially in my hometown of New York City. While I was in college every time I came home during breaks I was seeing how much neighborhoods were changing and how heavily it was affecting the natives of the city such as myself. So I wanted to write a script that spoke for us.”¬†

2. How did you find casting? Are they all your friends?

“I worked with a casting director and utilized the network of some of the actors and actresses who were already cast in the film. Also some of the actors are my friends who I went to school with.”¬†

3. Do you see yourself making black history for the big films?

“History has always been a very important thing to me. It is the foundation of any group of people. Therefore history will always be taught in my films.”¬†

4. Will there be humor films in the future of your work?

“Laughter eases the soul so humor will play a big part in all of my productions. ‘My Block’ actually has some humor in it. When the full film is released you will be able to see the humor.”¬†

5. Is your goal to be writer, director and actor?

“I plan to do writing, directing, and acting throughout my career. I also plan on attempting to compose music for my films in the future.”¬†

6.  Who are the top 5 idols that inspires your writing?

“Spike Lee, Martin Lawrence, John Singleton, Tupac, and Sam Cooke.”¬†

7. Have you thought of doing a mini series? 

“If some decent proposals come along then I would definitely consider a mini series. Gentrification is a very complex issue that ‘My Block’ can’t even cover in its entirely.”

8. You have an internship now, will it help improve your skills/knowledge? 

“I cant speak on the internship as of yet lol.”¬†

You can see for yourself all of Taquan’s creative talent in the trailer here:

Let me just say that I agree with him. Gentrification affects everyone in the community. It is best to speak now, while we still can. He has some wonderful icon choices and I am sure we will see the influence throughout his work.

I wish Taquan the best of luck with his success for the movie. I believe this internship can and will lead to bigger productions. I know he didn’t want to jinx anything, but my fingers are crossed. We all will be waiting for the premiere of “My Block” and future endeavors.

Taquan can be contacted via Facebook: Taquan Pugh; Twitter & IG: @film_prophet

Good luck!