When Are You Going to Have MY Back?!!

I never have nobody back, they say.

But half the people that complain never have mine.

I defend other people’s honors, values, when expected..

Who does it for me?

I’m too nice to people.

I’m quiet because I always get the short end of the stick.

I’m never benefited in return yet I always seem to be the guilty one.

Most best friends are always like call me if you need me but when I do, they half ass ignore me!

When they call, I’m all ears.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

I make people laugh, I stop them from crying….

But who is doing the same for me?

Who is making me laugh, stopping my tears?
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Hello world!

This is the tell all, say all blog about anything that comes to mind. There are some things people just don’t understand and then there are things that most people can relate to. I’m just expressing what I want to say, how I choose to say it! No harm, no foul, just the truth!

I decided to blog to utilize my writing voice a little more than just “in progress” for my own personal materials.

To do better is to become better and that’s all I want to be!