Pump Your Brakes! You’re Moving Way Too Fast….

Why is it so 2015 to skip the taking it slow portion of everything?

The relationship, having sex…

2015 is almost over yet these tactics will continue in 2016.

I’ve witnessed people lack the chase of love, the thrill.

I’ve been snatched up by coincidence of a first time connection.


I thought that didn’t exist anymore.

It does. It is just harder to obtain, and if you have it then it’s harder to maintain.

No one goes on dates, serenades, give it time anymore.

I’m a HUGE fan of dates so if you think we’d be together and not go on dates even after the first year, you’re wrong.

On my new journey with my new bf I’ve been on more dates than I can count and that includes before we were serious….

Nothing is going to change really.

This isn’t about me though lol

But it is my blog ๐Ÿ˜›

Taking it slow in a relationship doesn’t have to be boring.

Take each other on dates, even if it’s small.
Spend time together be it playing games or cuddling. Continue reading

Hollaaaaa It’s My Birthdaayyy Weekend!!

Although I work today and it’s my birthday, I can expect big things!

Just like this is BIG for you too because it’s Friday and I’m posting! Yippie! I should probably do this more, but I am just so busy!

Today is all about moi! (If any other blogger shares my birthday then Happy Birthday to you too!)

First off let me say that I am getting some cupcakes today! YUM! They will be coming from Crumbs! Their cakes are sooooo BOMB! If you are ever near one, check it out or head on over to their weibsite:ย 

They say in the first 5 minutes your mom takes a while to realize you are beautiful.

In the first 5 hours is when she falls in love with you. Soooo…..

Hmm….when I was 5 hours young, was I a constant wailer?

At 5 days old, I think I broke some hearts! ๐Ÿ™‚

If only I could see myself at 5 weeks old… big growing eyes and mini tantrums for love and affection…

Sometimes I wish I remember as far back as 5 months! What was my facial expression when my birthday was celebrated? Hmmm…..


Ugh Not Another Boyfriend!

So let me tell you. I was guilty of this a couple times. I used to say it to friends, but mostly they say it to me.

When they become snoozers I think it’s time to replace them. Don’t you agree?

*To the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left*

If a guy believed he was irreplaceable, I tell them I can show them better than I can tell them.

Why must their egos be so big? I Don’t Know!

That includes bad boys!

For the Exes that really thought they were “keep arounds” …..

As kids of the teenage years you still don’t fully know yourself right? Then when you date, it’s kind of hard to peel through the eyes of that person. Some of them aren’t entirely open and others are silent.

As my grandma would say, “you change boyfriends more than you changed ya underwear”ย  Continue reading

Happy Easter!!! Spice It Up!

I don’t mean like the Spice Girls either! ๐Ÿ˜€

I remember as a child I would get excited because this was my favorite day/weekend. I couldn’t wait for the candy. I couldn’t wait to get the Sweet Tarts and Sour Patches in baskets and on its own. It was the only thing I looked forward to.

I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about 6. Then the only thing I believed in was an Easter basket. I always had the full ones too! I felt spoiled haha. Oh I can’t forget about the chocolate bunny. The milk chocolate was the best. I didn’t like Peeps though! You can have those! Lol

As a child I think all the holidays are your favorite because you did or received something exciting.

When you grow up, you start to outgrow the same things you loved. My last basket was given to me when I was like 13. I just knew that was the last one and that’s okay because I wanted to do activities. I preferred going to the movies with friends or staying at their houses as opposed to going out with my mom or just staying inside.

I did like dressing up. I am a dressy girl, I will wear a dress when the weather calls for it. As a little girl I loved the floral prints and bright pink dresses. I even had pink shoes to match. I wasn’t allowed to have purses which was fine because what would I put in it? Continue reading

Renovate Your Valentine’s Day!!

Let’s cut right into it. You dread this day. It’s like any other ordinary day. Right? This day is overrated and very dramatized to the point where if you don’t have a Valentine your friends question your life.

You’re sick of hearing “Who’s your valentine this year?” If you have none.

But that’s okay, I hope you downloaded the new Imaginary Boyfriend app to play pretend for just a day.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the link! It’s available on all phones and I believe there is an invisible girlfriend one as well.

The messages appear in your inbox as a valid message from someone and look as such:

invisible-bf-appIt looks real doesn’t it? This will keep all your friends and family off your back for a day!

I don’t have the app simply because I don’t need it. Does that mean I have a boyfriend? If you know me, then you know the answer to that. ๐Ÿ™‚

The app is quite interesting but aside from impressing the world, what else is there to do?

How many people are going to see 50 shades of Grey this weekend?


Come on where’s the show of hands? ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s a movie I am on the fence about because I LOVE the books and while I am excited they made it into a movie (I’m going to go see it eventually); I am not excited about the actor & actress chosen to play Anastasia and Christian.

However, Go spend V-Day with your GIRLFRIENDS and at night dedicate it to your boyfriend or husband. As for my singles, nothing wrong with spending time with yourself or go speed dating (if you’re that adventurous).

I specifically titled this “Renovate Your Valentine’s Day” because you should feel good about doing something for yourself for once as well as a new take on the “holiday”. The movies and the boyfriend app are typical things to do during this special event, but don’t forget to love yourself first!ย 

The chocolate, flowers, dinner thing is sooooo old! Leave it in the past! Do something different. Hint at something newย ladies. Whether it’s the favorite pair of shoes you have on your wishlist or just going to a craft store to make each other something, do it! Valentine’s Day isn’t all about SPENDING MONEY and if you DO spend money, spend it wisely.

After all, it is ONE day and it should be treated as a regular day because you love people every day even if you don’t say it and even if you don’t necessarily show it everyday. If you buy a gift, make it worth it and not just because it is that one day out of the year where all the commercials, family, friends, co-workers, and sales push you to buy everything to makeย her happy.

Ladies the men deserve some love too! Cooking is cool as well as expected, but what about his favorite tickets to a show or a game?

Love works both ways.

Love has no boundaries even if your V-Date is your mom, dad, cousin, brother or sister. Just make it fun.

Remember single ladies and single men, there are plenty activities you can do to enjoy V-Day. As I mentioned earlier there’s dating, or you can work (if you grind all the time), play video games, watch Netflix, or spend family time in the house with the ones you love on the daily.


Even bake those sugar cookies everyone loves so much!

What am I doing for Valentine’s Day you ask? Spending it with the people I love the most! My “adopted into” family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Turn the typical expected Valentine’s Day into something brand new. Then tell me what you did! Haha

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Here’s some V-DAY humor:


Double Standards…Why do we have them?

We’ve all experienced it, at any age. It’s frustrating and annoying.

You find yourself having this battle with just about anyone of the opposite sex.

A man does it with a woman and a woman does it with a man.

No matter what is being said a man feels like he is always right…..maybe a man coined the term double standard too? Since they like living it so much!

Lol seriously though. I can’t even begin to tell you the many times I’ve been in arguments such as

Man: She slept with the homie, she’s a hoe, slut, thot, etc

Me: And guys do it too! They are thots and sluts too.

Man: Chill that’s not the same thing. We don’t get called those names…or we do it different

……I could continue but you get the point. Men don’t get called the names they created for women because they want to be dominant but GUYS LISTEN UP! You are those names too if you proceed with the same actions. #JustSaying

I DON’T understand how most people can be one sided on certain situations. If it hurts you to be called a name, then don’t call anyone else it! Simple!

Double Standards come in many shapes, styles and forms.

In relationships, there should be no need because the two of you become one. However, it cannot be stopped unless society stops it altogether so it continues! It shouldn’t happen at all!

Here’s a tip!


For example, SEX numbers…lalala everyone’s favorite discussion. It is debated on social media, on TV shows like Guy Code, amongst friends, etc

In relationships only you two can decide whether or not you care about how many people the other slept with! It’s your boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t try to add numbers by 2 or 12 because not every woman lies like that and neither does guys.

Does it really matter? You sleep with them anyway!

Next……Dating sites.

If you create one and you’re single, then cool.

If you create one and you’re working things out with someone or you are considering it, well then how do you think you look? How can he/she take you seriously when you are doing the opposite!

Then he/she gets an online dating site too and you catch a ‘tude about it?


Continue reading