Get It Girl! Miss PA USA Pageant of 2018!! 

*Updated* Pageant was for 2018! 

The hair. The makeup. The dress. The shoes.
Have you ever wondered if this feels like being crowned prom queen?

Does dress up feel like graduation or better?

I had the luxury of knowing a beautiful contestant of this year’s pageant contest!

She’s been my friend since High school. Can you believe it?! That’s about 15 years if we met Freshman year…can’t really remember lol

She’s also an owner of her very own Notary Public! *Applause* and Attends University of Pittsburgh! She’s doing big things!

I’ve been watching her journey and she’s been so dedicated, it’s a shame she didn’t win!

Does society already know what type of girl they want?

Perhaps so. But let’s not get into politics……

I had the pleasure in asking Ms. Kesselyne Occena a couple of questions, just so you gals and guys can understand the inside scoop of what it’s like being a pageant girl.

Here are the Qs I asked Kesselyne about the pageant:
1. What inspired you to be a contestant ?

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Ayyeee *Dabs* It’s My Blogiversary!


Sooooooo silly me! I have been going through some serious life changes and been too tired to blog.

Until I decided to stop being lazy today!!!

And it just so happens to be my blogiversary!!

Que balloons*


(Thank you giphy)

I started this blog in 2015 so it can motivate me to stay active in my writing and get back into writing these books I keep claiming I am working on, yet I don’t have the time because work or some other life event I feel gets in my way.

Over time I have made such beautiful friends and read some amazing blogs!

I have lost touch with a lot of my favorite blogs because I have been so busy with life! Ugh! I made a promise to myself to get back into gear and catch up with my reader on WP of those that I adore and NEW followers as well!


I LOVE writing! It is apart of me. Always has been from when I was a kid.

Now, I will give credit for this post to my girl …

Authenticitee Speaks

for her blogiversary post!! Here is her post- “On My Word* Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging” Her post made me think about how I NEVER wrote a celebratory post of my own!

She is one of my FAV bloggers! Not only does she keep it real, especially about her love for her family but her poems are so dope! Check my girl out! 😉

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Hey Baby! What’s Your Sign??

Since I just posted about seeing the moon, why not post this post about ….



I used to be a HUGE fan of horoscopes! Everything you needed to know, you could have asked me…..

I was like….. a horoscope guru haha

Keyword: Was

Now I kind of just live life normal hehe

I still believe in some parts like characteristics are true per each sign, but I don’t follow it like I used to

I had Yahoo horoscope sent to me all the time and I checked love, friendship and finance all the time

For a while I had the horoscope app on my phone.

I told you I was serious about it!

Don’t judge me!


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Movie Review: Everything Everything

This movie caught my attention when I went to the movie theater to see Wonder Woman and seen this trailer.

I’m a hopeless romantic so anything …well almost anything that looks adorable makes me want to check it out.

This story was very different so it attracted me.


The concept: I LOVE the imagination behind this story in which the main character Maddie is sick and cannot leave her house. She decides to be bold when she meets Olly and escape the house she has known for 17 years.

I won’t spoil the entire movie but I will say that every moment of the movie had me drawn in.

Like her cool architecture skill that created her own burger joint.

Oooo how about when they have sex? I totally knew that was coming! The chemistry was there!

Especially when she bought tickets to Hawaii and Olly went with her. It was their escape.

Her escape.

An escape I very much need too. But we will discuss that another lifetime.

I was thinking the entire time SHE’S NOT SICK!!!

No way does a person risk their life knowing they can die….

But that is everyone. We risk our lives almost every day.

I was totally thinking she was never sick, she can go outside.

What made up sickness is SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency)

I was totally happy she found love in Olly. How dare she be locked up in her home forever not having any interaction with strangers simply because she was told she can’t.

I felt for her!

That disease must have sucked. Imagine not being able to leave the house?

When she got sick in Hawaii and later spoke to the same doctor that helped her in Hawaii, she realized she wasn’t sick!

I knew it! Her mother made that up to keep her safe after her brother and father died.

Maddie has been a product of her mother’s scheme to keep her protected so she doesn’t die like her sibling and father.

Apart of me was angry at the mother, but then I also can relate.

I was thrilled that while Olly and Maddie took a short lived break from each other because her mother thought he was causing her danger to her health; they met up in NY at the end in a ….. BOOKSTORE!

#TeamMaddie&Olly #Madolly? Lol


Maddie loved to read books. 

Just like ME! 

In the movie she said she don’t have any vices but I think reading is her vice.

During the movie, I wondered … IS this movie a book?

I googled it and the answer is OF COURSE! I sampled the book and so far it was matching the movie…

So you know what that means? 😉

Time to read the book! 



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Creative Writing Feature: 3 Word Short Story!

(All I thought as I reread this was WHAT WAS I THINKING!! THAT COULD HAVE FLOWED BETTER!!!) (Also it is a lil creepy that I am 27 posting this story, character is 27…I was having a girl and so is the character! Only positive is I am still with my bae, we broke up a few times but that was prior to baby…..

And now as I reread this story I have lost my little girl, but you guys can read that post.) 

This post was written in my Write Like A Woman class at ISU. It was so hard to write a 3 word sentence! 


(Written: 12/1/13) 

           Sex too good. Don’t use protection. Bought First Response. Have to pee. Pee on stick. Oh no Pregnant! Damn I’m stupid. How could I? It’s his fault. He manipulates me. Says sweet things. Oh you’re sexy. Come join me. Bed too cold. I need you. I can’t resist. Under the covers. His hands smooth. Hot, lustful intentions. Damn….not again! Someone is knocking. Ugh read…sign. Do NOT disturb. We are busy. Come back later. I keep screaming. Oh….Guilty pleasures. He screams Becca! What the fuck? I am Stephanie.

Who is she? I push him. He rolls off. I get up. Shit, really Matt? You damn cheater! I’ve had enough. I’m getting dressed. Red dress on. Slips on heels. He smacks me. I kick him. He punches me. Ouch that hurts! Arm turns purple. I bite him. Scratch his throat. Then I run. He trips me. Kneel…shoe…off. I’ve got aim. Hit his head. He is raging. Walks toward me. He’s standing there. I’m crying again. Very mixed emotions. He starts crying. This doesn’t work. I’ve gotta go. The knocking stopped. It was her. It must be. Where’d she go? Purse in hand. He is shouting. Baby don’t go. She means nothing. Same old story. Write a book. I’m so done.

            Walking home alone. Fuming with thoughts. Emotions running wild. Tears falling nonstop. Grown adults fighting. Who does that?  I hate him. I’m freaking 27. Baby on board. I’ll raise him. Or maybe her. Hopefully not both. I’m against abortion. Time heals all. Don’t have time. I’m so confused. What’d I do? Thought we’d last. Guess imma fool. He played me. Really Becca though? She sounds familiar. Ohmygod. Please God no. Don’t tell me. Becca from school. In my class. That conniving bitch. She’s so fake.  He’s all hers. I’m so done. I’m moving on. Dead beat father.

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Why Can’t I Just Run Away!?

I’m a runner.

Been running my whole life.

Just realized this in a discussion with my bf.

I can never sit still because I never had a moment to breathe.

I was the girl that ran away from home at age 15.

I was the girl that ran away from my mother’s constant anger at me but hanging with friends or my grandma.

I was the teenager sick and tired of her mother yelling at her because she felt like I am her since I look like her.

Running away became a habit………

I ran away from the pain and suffering of being a rape victim.

Ran away from the exes that cheated on me and didn’t love me. Continue reading

Friendship Denied!!

Ever feel deep down inside that everything around you is changing and you don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing?


Something major was coming, yet you couldn’t put your finger on it……


Or eerily that you have a convo with someone that states being different to people in the new year and it seems like one of you might just be pulling the plug on the other without realizing it?

Also you had this same conversation with a previous friend who most definitely blocked you.

Well MY answer is YES!

I just experienced all of that.

I feel like this one friend was waiting for me to say something to her or waiting for the right moment to choose not to be friends with me….

And it was I that set it off…. Continue reading

Hello Friends!

It has been some time….I took an unnecessary vacation. But in the upcoming posts, you will see what I have been up to in the meantime. I know, I suck at this coming back and staying around thing, but hey I am working on commitment okay! Literally, for WP and in my life outside of the internet…..

I have been through a lot….most of which is too private for your eyes because it is a touching subject and hard when many voices will disagree sooo I will keep that one to myself but I will describe it in a way that will probably be open to the eyes of the understanding. Confusing? Wait for it and you’ll know what I mean.

Tonight, I realized I need to focus on the things I lost touch on before I give up on my dreams entirely…

In life I want to be an author sitting at Barnes and Noble all over the globe having people ask for my autograph. However, I will never get there if I don’t write all the stories I left behind in my mind and in a file on my computer because life keeps slapping me in the face.

WordPress was my open gate in 2015 to get to that driven part of me that was going to continue one of the 3 books I have started. But 2015 and 2016 have failed me in which I have come to realize I am halfway through yet another year and have not done that one goal. I let things take over me and stress me out to the point where I forget about that little peace of hope and freedom in my mind that makes me write for hours!!

For Christ sake I had over 50 diaries as a child!! I wrote in plain old notebooks by the way! Wrote out my life as if someone was going to read them besides me. How embarrassing the stories were when I actually read them at maybe 21, but I threw them all out because I became a brand new person.

I am still figuring myself out, but I can say I did a lot better than I did at 14. I think I am finally at a place in my life where I can write those stories, even if it takes a year a piece. I enjoyed making my own stories as much as I do creating a blog that probably no one is going to read every day. It’s okay, I know I talk to myself on this thing a lot :P.

I put WordPress on my resume simply because it is apart of me. I told myself I will create this and at some point this was my baby. I posted every Sunday and Thursday as if I was getting paid to do so. Then life happened and I got lost in reality. I will try to maintain this site like I used to. I have to. If not for me, but for you. I realized that my voice speaks to people and I never would have guessed that if I didn’t start off here.

I enjoy when people read what I write. I just have to remember that even when I write my books. I hope one day my WordPress friends will see Shade But No Shade bigger than what it is and will come to Shade’s autograph signings although I don’t have a pen name as an author yet and I don’t know if I ever will. I like my original name, but it is also common. I want a name that stands out, not blends in. My favorite author Zane has a pen name…it’s Zane. She created an identity, just like my other author Cairo. I want…no need a name like theirs where I can be talked about and others not know who I am but want to find out……

How’s that for an epiphany? A revelation? Growing up?

Whatever it is….I like that I am figuring it out along the way.

New things are coming to this blog including more topics, some drawings which I find thing off the internet and draw for fun, movie reviews and more.

I am going to try this again as well……anything you like for me to touch on? Hit me up!

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Must You Be So Negative?!

Why do people with negative energy put negative thoughts in one’s mind? Why can’t things be positive and everything flows just fine. One can’t bask in another’s happiness because they are unhappy themselves.


Why must people always assume the worst because they live life differently than you do. One must not know how to take chances because immediately in their minds they start to categorize every action someone does as a way to bring people down.

This is why double standards exist….because society creates negative energy….

“Men are dogs, women are better liars
Women are better cheaters, men suck at it because they make it obvious….
Men are the money makers, bread winners, etc <because society makes it that way>
Women are the care takers/nurturers
If he looks at another female, it’s cool to him but let her look at another male and he immediately has trust issues”

I could keep going but you get it….

Society changes the way we perceive things, the way we are…

Negative energy, negative people are those who aren’t satisfied in life….they need someone who is happy to throw some of their “power” on to so that they can feel a little better.

Insecure? Definitely!

Most of them are single and lonely.

Habits of another leads to others being negative.

When you 100% trust anyone…such as your mate, best friend, co workers, transit riders, etc…the trust can easily be taken away all by a simple sentence or action of another

IF you feed into it.

I try not to feed into that mess anymore. I let people speak their opinions and leave it alone.

Nope you’re not going to cloud my judgment because you feel a type of way…

I won’t fall off the cloud I’m on up high because you raised your devil horns

I won’t become an insecure woman I used to be because you fear alllll the wrong things happening in 2016.

These same negative people smile in your face as if nothing happened. SMH

Stay away from negative people y’all. They can burn you worse than a fire.

I’m a positive person living in a backwards world in NYC….

Know anyone that tried to snatch your happiness away? Past or present…
Have you witnessed it happen to someone before? How did/does it make you feel?

Thoughts on negative energy/people? Even if you are one of the negative people 😛  

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Pump Your Brakes! You’re Moving Way Too Fast….

Why is it so 2015 to skip the taking it slow portion of everything?

The relationship, having sex…

2015 is almost over yet these tactics will continue in 2016.

I’ve witnessed people lack the chase of love, the thrill.

I’ve been snatched up by coincidence of a first time connection.


I thought that didn’t exist anymore.

It does. It is just harder to obtain, and if you have it then it’s harder to maintain.

No one goes on dates, serenades, give it time anymore.

I’m a HUGE fan of dates so if you think we’d be together and not go on dates even after the first year, you’re wrong.

On my new journey with my new bf I’ve been on more dates than I can count and that includes before we were serious….

Nothing is going to change really.

This isn’t about me though lol

But it is my blog 😛

Taking it slow in a relationship doesn’t have to be boring.

Take each other on dates, even if it’s small.
Spend time together be it playing games or cuddling. Continue reading