Is This the Toughest Season?!

Why is it that when tax season comes around, it seems a bit stressful?


Especially when your mind is as crowded or clouded I should say as mine!

I swear I am only 27 yrs old and I experienced enough stress to last me to 80!!!

My brain is constantly frazzled and fried and I can’t remember daily tasks!

calculate mind.gif



I can’t seem to remember if I kept my w2 from last year or chucked it in spirit of I didn’t need it anymore!

We moved in Nov so I was cleaning all my old paperwork before we moved….

Apart of me feels like I chucked it (and regrets it currently)

and then I also feel like I hid it.

Confusing right? 

Or maybe I am in denial and really did chuck it.

I was soooooo close to having my taxes completed AFTER battling with the stupid ratchet company I used to work for in dealings with where’s my w2 for a month!!! From January 20th to February 22nd I was in emails constantly getting frustrated by these HR people who kept bullshitting me telling me they would forward my new address to whom it may concern and NEVER DID as well as stating they would send it the following day and having the next day come and they NEVER DID.

So what did I do????

I contacted the BOSS of the company via email to complain and gave full HR names and told him I haven’t received my W2.

Don’t worry I was professional. I don’t get upset with my job like I do with my bf….


He tagged HR and told them to please send my w2 via email or mail.

Why did it take for him to get involved for her to send it!!!

I was sooooo LIVID!


I was hoping she sent it by email so that way I could file asap.

But nah bruh.

I was especially pissed seeing ex co-workers get theirs just fine!!

She sent it by mail and I waited THREE WEEKS for it to arrive!!!!!

I literally got it last week.

In between doctor appts and my internship, plus being tired I kept putting off doing my taxes having received the papers.


I finally filed yesterday and everything was almost set to go until I needed the W2 from 2016.

(Btw I am using Turbo Tax cuz it’s free! 🙂 Hopefully it’ll still be free when I complete this step!)

Now I am on a hunt to get it! I have to wait until Monday to contact HR (hopefully they don’t BS me like before) as well as get papers to get it by the IRS.

So now I really gotta wait to get my refund even longer than I wanted to after wanting to file by January/Beg of February. Now I won’t see my coins until Late April, Early May. Ughhhh I got thingsss to do!

This is my second time filing taxes by myself. Normally I have help —-

Adulting is hard.

I wish I were a kid again sometimes 😀

I cannot be the only one going through it!

If I am though, that’s fine too.

I just love to vent.

It makes me feel better.

Talk to me! What’s your tax story? 

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4 thoughts on “Is This the Toughest Season?!

    • Hey! Sorry for late response. Been a heck of a few months! Thanks! 🙂 …the process still was crazy. I had to do it the long way so now I’m waiting for my taxes still! 😔 lol yeah makin the news is worst! Definitely

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