Are You Too Good To Be Mentioned?!

Who gave men the disciplinal right to try to demand certain things from women???

From “curfews” to budgeting (but you can’t tell them to budget their own money oh no), to cooking & cleaning to many more but my most recent fav….

Telling you NOT to blog about them!!!

Especially when they don’t even READ your blog!!


About a month ago I subbed this gov lady in my post cuz her man was pretending to be my man and she “so called researched” and found my blog as a connection to him. Hmm how? If his name isn’t tagged in my posts and the only way you do that is if you have his first and last name which you must have got from ya fake lyin’ ass man and searched fb to get to me as well…… My man found out cuz it was his best friend’s brother…his bestie was talkin’ so much shit about my blog and his ass don’t read it either!

Long story short, my bf was all “don’t talk about me”

I’m Sorry but God didn’t create him to not be talked about. I don’t gossip to my friends about him but MY personal space is where I get to vent, heal, cope, digress, distress, get support and more!! 

My readers know that most of the time when I do vent about my relationship, it isn’t bad! Okay!

I vent in a way that opens other people’s eyes to what’s around them too.

I don’t agree with everything he say and nor should I have to.

My personal space is my business.

If I wanna post about men and throw in some of my experiences, I can damn well please!!

He always tryna regulate me, but don’t regulate no one else.

When his female friend is telling me things about him is he telling her keep his name out her mouth? No!

So FOH with all that noise!

Did he check the dude for using his name? No! So please dismiss me with the bs!

But he don’t have to worry cuz I’ll still make my SUBS on MY BLOG


I would have RESPECTED him more if he read most of my posts that he IS included in and then tell me not to talk about him, rather than listening to a friend who has no clue

But he won’t be talked about as much cuz I have soooo much better topics to share than about what is the tea on him!

And lately, there ain’t no tea 😀

Except this one haha

But I will keep y’all invested and updated cuz that’s ME.

Besides, my blog is a LIFESTYLE blog amongst anything like relationships, stereotypes and more so why would I leave out my experiences?

Please! He’ll be iight!

Read a blog post before you let ya little no girlfriend havin friend try to kill my dreams!

Boy Bye!

boy bye

*rant over*

Does anyone or have anyone else have/had this issue?? How did you handle it??

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4 thoughts on “Are You Too Good To Be Mentioned?!

  1. No ma’am. Not my personal experience. But as a wife I am mindful to protect my husband and household by using discretion in what I do share. And I’m a very transparent, all heart kinda writer as you know, no matter the genre I’m writing at the time. I liken it to someone tagging me in an unwanted photo where they look great and I look hideous without my permission😂. It’s not a matter of being controlled – (imo) it’s a matter of being considerate🙏🏽❤️

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    • I hear u girl! Lol I understand. That’s also how u established your writing space. My writing space is about many things, I don’t share all the detz of my life even when I want to but you can’t stop the world from talking about you. That’s impossible. As I wrote tho, there’s not even much more to say bout him. But I’ll vent as I please 😝😜 lol he be iight, maybe he should read it lol

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