Get It Girl! Miss PA USA Pageant of 2018!! 

*Updated* Pageant was for 2018! 

The hair. The makeup. The dress. The shoes.
Have you ever wondered if this feels like being crowned prom queen?

Does dress up feel like graduation or better?

I had the luxury of knowing a beautiful contestant of this year’s pageant contest!

She’s been my friend since High school. Can you believe it?! That’s about 15 years if we met Freshman year…can’t really remember lol

She’s also an owner of her very own Notary Public! *Applause* and Attends University of Pittsburgh! She’s doing big things!

I’ve been watching her journey and she’s been so dedicated, it’s a shame she didn’t win!

Does society already know what type of girl they want?

Perhaps so. But let’s not get into politics……

I had the pleasure in asking Ms. Kesselyne Occena a couple of questions, just so you gals and guys can understand the inside scoop of what it’s like being a pageant girl.

Here are the Qs I asked Kesselyne about the pageant:
1. What inspired you to be a contestant ?

” I wanted to compete at 18-19 years old. I placed an application in for a Pittsburgh Pageant and got accepted. But, the cost and time i had to put into it, collided with my classes. So, i never completed it. So this time i realized i reached the age limitation and i didn’t want to lose my chances.”
2. How did you find the process of participating ? Where did u see the pageant to make you want to be Miss PA?

“The process was stressful. Even with 3 months in advance of preparations. Things still was hectic. From raising the funds, search for sponsors, and finding affordable outfits, was time consuming. That’s funny, I used to get a lot of modeling or pageant ads. When i saw one, i questioned (internally) if they had any events in PA. Google was a big help.”
3. What attributes did u bring to the pageant that made you stand out from the others?

“My hair styles were completely unique. I mean no one had the creativity with styling their hair like i did. Also, my make up. It was bold and colorful. Most people stated that those attributes meshed perfectly with my personality, so i guess my personality as well.”
4. How long was the pageant?

“The event was 3 days. It definitely was a stretch, because we had to rehearse from 7am till 10pm in order to assure that everyone had it together.”
5. How many females were apart of it?

“Damn.. This is an approximate answer, but i recall our numbers ending at 50-60. So, 50 plus females, which includes the teens.”

6. What did u learn from the pageant?

I learned a lot about how to work in a very busy environment, how to be attentive when you have 10 different people instructing you. How to stay on schedule, and how to walk in heels all day.”

7. Who was the winner?

“Ah Ha! The winners are disclosed on my Youtube channel at Kess Occena. Subscribe and check it out for the exclusive specifications. lol”

(Just click on her name above- it’s hyperlinked! ;])
8. Are you going to participate again next time? (When is the next time u can participate?)

“I was contemplating that honestly, that is something that is still up in the air for me. I realized that i have a lot traits that may not conform to what judges seem to look for in their winners (even though the judges vary) I feel like they want someone that can straddle fence on political issues etc. Some things i’m too real about, i can’t pretend to be something i’m not for a crown. But everyone is telling me to go for it again. so it’s a big maybe.”
9. Did you have fun? What was your favorite part of the contest?

“Yes, it was very fun! My favorite part was mainly every chance i had to do my runway walk on stage. I love walking in heels, especially on the runway”
10. What are your goals following up from the pageant?
“I want to keep this information a bit limited. You know, move in silence and once i succeed then i can talk about it. But, to keep it simple, i’m getting a lot of producers and businesses following me on Instagram and FB. I’ve also met a lot of women who have their own business. So, i’m going to stick to law, but dabble in film one day. I have too much personality to keep sustained in a court room environment. lol”

Thank you Kesselyne for answering the questions in the best way you know how — with a little humor! Being a pageant girl seems like hardwork and dedication. Good luck if you try again next year!

Here are some pics of Kess! Isn’t she lovely? 😉 The first two are from the competition, the last one is Kess on a regular day on her way to class! Look at all that natural beauty! ❤




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