Challenge Yourself 2018! New Twitter Page!

Idk about anyone else buuuuttttt

I am taking on new challenges for myself this year.

I am going to write my book. So I can call it accomplished and love it when it’s printed!

My goal for THIS WEEK though ….

Is to create Shade But No Shade’s twitter page!!!



I don’t know why I didn’t create this sooner! I kept thinking about it and forgetting about it all at the same time!

Plus it’s going to be a lot of work simply because I am starting from 2015 posts!!!!

I can’t make a Shade page and start off in the middle! That wouldn’t make sense and nor would it be fair to my blog!

Sooooo while I have the energy tonight, I am doing just that.

Why separate it now? Well it is originally connected to my personal twitter and while I have some readers on there, I also tweet about shows on that page and I don’t want it mixed with my blog.

I am utilizing my blog to hopefully take me to my career so we will see what the future holds!

I believe in consistency too sooo if it has Facebook, Why NOT Twitter too?

Makes sense right?!

I hope my lovely blogger friends will follow my page! 🙂

Here is the link! (Twitter)

I will be adding it at the end of my posts as I do Facebook, just as a reminder and like I said I have Facebook there too!

Don’t worry, I’ll think of something catchy too as I did with Facebook!

*Sidebar—- I didn’t want to have the username be ShadeBlog2015 but the name of my blog was already taken! How rude! 😛

At least I got to name the Twitter page Shade But No Shade! Otherwise making it a page would have been hard…I almost started to think the name was too long and nope I wasn’t going to change it!

Anywho….I’m off to keep adding old blogs to this new page until I’m all caught up!

Let’s see how much I can do in a day!

All follows are welcomed! Please and Thank you! I appreciate ALL of you!

Catch Shade any time of the day! Shade is on Facebook!

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