The Thirst is Real!!

So let me tell y’all….

I’ve experienced my fair share of women testing my patience when it comes to my relationship.

There was one scenario about 3 months ago that I had to hold everything within me to stay mature!

Remember how I told y’a’ll that I am not ratchet? So yeah I had to keep that up for the moment and assess the situation before I became a different person….

Anyways let me rant to you!

My babe and I went to Friday’s as we always do before seeing a movie at the theater across the street from it.

He went to get the movie tickets so I made his order for him.

I told this heffa of a waitress his order and told her THAT IS IT! Of course with my order.

She felt the need to come back when he returned and asked him if he wanted anything else…..

Okay I let that slide… that wasn’t the part that made me wanna snatch her ugly ass wig!

This next thing I am about to tell you is what made me want to go all Love and Hip hop on that ass! 

So fast forward to our good dinner….

Time for THE BILL!!!

They had this computer system little portable thing that you can insert the card for payments….

She took his card and swore it was FLIRT WITH MY MAN TIME!!

But We argued about this before sooooo I wanted to see him check the BITCH.

She kept saying his card didn’t work and laughed about it. I was bleeding a hole in his face so I hope he felt it.

He told her his card works and did a small laugh, not engaging laugh but she kept tryna go on. He knew what she was trying to do.


I was sitting there like….


Meanwhile, Words were piling up in my throat and needed to come out! So I was JUST about to tell the hoe “give my man his card back! Bitch u playing and no one is laughing!” Right…but she gave his card back I GUESS when she saw his ass wasn’t gonna budge and violate ME! Dumb trick!


Sorry ragged head! Not all MEN in NYC are DOGS. Some MEN in NYC are actually LOYAL and FAITHFUL to their women!

HER antic stuck in my head so good that night that I wrote a fb post about her and women like her. It made me feel better.

My fb post said:

“The Lord is testing my patience wit these nappy head ass tramps who can’t AFFORD to get their hair done but works at a restaurant!!! 

SB: Don’t come for my man!” 

Let me tell you! Her hair was really wrecked! Like sis before you try to bag MY man or anybody’s man, make sure your hair looks good! The nerve! 


This blog post was supposed to be next but I forgot all about this rant!

Well it came out today! And let me brief you on another time these tricks tried me…..

2 years ago we went to a Halloween party and these thots were ALL EYES ON US!

Long story short, my bf is a nice guy who always wants to please people so I guess this was him in this situation……this girl asked him to take a pic cuz she was a nerd (MIND YOU BABE AND I WERE BOTH NERDS) — intent was there but he couldn’t see that.

I let them take the pic cuz he already said yes. What am I to stop?

Then the bitch had the nerve to tell him let’s go study and when he told me WHEN WE GOT HOME that she said that, I wanted to slap the black off him!

That shit is NOT funny!! Her drunk and/or drugged up ass thought she was gon snag mine but failed! And for him to entertain it from when she asked for the picture, caused a BIG trust issue in our relationship for a looonnnggggg time.

On TOP of that, that same night on our way to the elevator another troll was trying me. Her hideous big boned rag tail self was in my man face asking him about his next job location and when he is going to work and when I SAAAYYYY I gave him the EVIL BURN A HOLE IN HIS FACE STARE, I DID and then I told her she need to quit the Qs because he knows better than to answer. She asked who am I and I told her I am his girlfriend! Like she knew that, she saw us coupled up all night.

My friend who had the party knows all of this and I will never take him to a party ever again.


I am possessive when it’s right!

In present day I trust him a lot more and he is an uber driver so he gets a bunch of trolls. But even driving he gets thots….

There was one day when he was driving and we were talking on the phone when this ratchet chick asks if he is talking to one of his many gfs!


Ugh the ratchet whores in NY. And he laughed soooooo you know I chewed his head off! We argued briefly in that moment cuz I wanted to know what was funny and then argued when he came home.

Check these females yo!

Now he understands that if he don’t want to argue about these things that he needs to check these females. But of course we argue about other things!

That happened last year.

This year I trust him. I believe he checks females when I am not around. I hope after 2 years ago he learned to check them IN FRONT of me too!!


I KNOW my ladies can relate! What is your story for getting your man to respect you?! Or Woman…? 

Talk to me! 

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