My Infatuation for Pups!

Have you ever reached into your jacket pocket only to find a handful of treats? 

Or stayed on the couch a little too long because your pup was asleep on your lap? 

Yeah me neither. 

Well this can be adequately similar to most of you with pups, but for me I don’t carry treats outside and I don’t have a couch in my apartment….

But I LOVE the joy and admiration pups bring to the daily human lifestyle. 

For those of you whom have met Hunter

I now introduce to you…… 


Hailey is a Yorkie full breed and was only 3 months when we got her! 

The first picture is when we first picked her up at the pet shop. In the pet shop we spotted her and they took her out and let her run to us. She immediately connected with us and bit our shoes up but she was sooooo cute! I had to have her! My bf got her for me because he’s the best! 🙂 


Hailey a couple hours later! She sleeps so cute even now! 😀 

The following is her amazing photogenic personality! She gave me a kiss and then there she is looking dramatic!

Look at that face! Don’t you just love it! ❤ 

She couldn’t have come at a more perfect time during my pregnancy. She is so vibrant and fun. I believe girl pups are harder to train because of their sass! 

She sasses us everyday. She definitely sass us when we tell her to stop! 

However, she is amazing with toys! She loves playing with them. 

She is well trained on the pad, I have to give the credit to the pet center employees for that. 

I remember when her tooth came out! She was crying one day and I was concerned. Her cage is in the room with us so she is comfortable and not lonely…this cry was different, it was consistent and sounded sad. Anyways, her tooth came out and I seen it! I was so such a proud mom! 🙂 I gave her a treat for that because her baby teeth were leaving and her adult teeth were approaching. 

Being a dog mom means caring and showing so much love for an animal that needs your love and attention. Dogs have huge hearts and it is amazing how each dog is different. 

Being a dog mom means carefully treating your dog when their 1st tooth comes out.

Being a dog mom is feeding your pup 3x a day and walking them afterwards or changing their pad. 

Being a dog mom is playing catch with your pup. The amusement when they actually return the ball to you without having to show them how but one time. 

Being a dog mom is training your dog not to touch wires all over the house so now when they get close to it, they jump aware because they are aware. 

Being a dog mom is realizing your pup is SPOILED! But that is no one’s fault but ours. She is just the cutest so how could you not?  

Hailey shows me something new everyday. If she is not biting her food bowl because she is teething, she is barking at her father and I when we leave the room. 

She is crying when we come home and we shower her with love.

She wakes us up everyday at 11am now just because she misses us. 

Then she eats at 1pm. 

She’ll eat again at 7 or 8pm. 

It takes a lot of patience to raise a puppy and it is amazing when they become dogs. 

When I raised Hunter it was still new to me. It taught me how to raise puppies in the future. Hailey came as a total surprise and I am still learning as a dog mom every day. But I have more experience than the 1st time. 

Being a dog mom is constantly learning new things about your dog. It is being there for them all the time and having fun with your best friend. 

Hailey brings joy to my life. I love playing with her and training her to sit, lay down and how to play! I love being a dog mom. I love cats too but if it wasn’t for my boyfriend getting Hunter, I would never know what it is like to raise a puppy. 

The experience is just so cool and it brings something new everyday.  

If you’re looking to adopt a furry friend, check out PuppySpot, a company dedicated to putting healthy puppies in happy homes. They have some adorable puppies on their website! 

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