The Ignorant World We Live IN! 

How does a movie determine if I’m white or black??

If I curse

Why I dont smoke

Or drink

Get loud

Be ratchet

Act like other black people

Does that make me white? 


This goes back to when I was in a discussion and because I never watched one of Eddie Murphy’s movies I was questioned….

The movie was Coming to America

A movie created before I was born… 1988!! I’m a 90s baby! 

I was asked, “Are you black?” “Do you curse?” 

I laughed because it was a family member of my bf’s but when I thought about it,

this actually pissed me off!!!

My bf and I had a strong disagreement about it that night.

The type of movie I watch doesn’t have to do with race.

White people watch black movies…does that make them black?


People always say ignorant things…. especially black people!!!

I told my boyfriend that she was ignorant and he says my educational background makes me feel entitled….. huh?

Just because I have a degree in English, that has nothing to do with how I speak my opinion.

We literally spent the ride home going back and forth about the ignorance of black people.

Especially those that categorize what someone listens to, watches, reads, how they talk, think, etc on RACE!

So absurd!!

I am old enough to admit that my race is ignorant….not saying just blacks only but majority……so that joke while it used to be funny it is now annoying

Because we are quick to say things as such or do ignorant things. Why you think most black people can’t work together? Can’t come together as a unit in the world because black people too busy putting the next black person down.

Back to the scenario though….

ONE BLACK ACTOR’s movies DOES NOT make me “unblack”!!!! I have seen plenty of black movies!!!!

The nerve!

So my boyfriend argued that all people are ignorant and he felt he would look at me different because of how I was speaking about black people.

I told him it is called getting older! You observe different…. I realize how bad black people look…. and while that was a joke (haha) I didn’t find the Q of if I am black very humorous. I already get that because of my hair!! MY HAIR! 

In the past people used to judge me because I didn’t smoke and I still don’t. 

Then when she asked if I curse, I told her sometimes because I honestly don’t curse after every word or often.

When it was my bf and I discussing it I told him that cursing is for anybody.

I used to curse a lot until I realized I hate cursing…..

and he sleeps and lives with me he should know when I curse. Especially when I argue.

In the joking matter he could of backed me up but it is cool because he didn’t like what I had to say when we left her and her husband.

I was too sick to really go back and forth with her. That weekend I had a cold, I was staying quiet to keep my voice.

But I had to speak to my bf because he brought it up again.

I told him over and over that I was raised different!!! Even with my mother not being the best mom, I still wasn’t a bad or rowdy kid.

Initially this rant is to say that people are ignorant for judging someone’s race based off activities.

Black people need to get it together!!!

I drink, but I don’t drink heavy.

There are plenty black people I see that get loud and ratchet. I am more calm and quiet.

Except in arguments….. I get loud but that is about to change

Ooohhh the kicker is when people hear I don’t fight! I was never a fighter. That is a waste of time. But people always get shocked like ooohhhh u never fought! You’re a good girl.

I also don’t twerk. I am just a normal bookworm.

What is wrong with being a good Samaritan for once?! I go against the norm.

I wish people would stop being ignorant!


Can anyone relate? 

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