You Right There! STOP Slackin’ Off!

U ever work with somebody that makes u wanna quit?

I have a few times!!! Let me tell ya

*Disclaimer* As you can see, I am FED UP with my co-workers, this is why I am venting about them in a few separate posts because they are different topics and deserve to stay separated! 

So as seen in my previous post, you know my job title, but let me give you the hours more clearly…

7Am to 3pm

3pm to 11pm

11pm to 7Am

Okay soooo…. 

I have this one co-worker on my 3p-11p shift whom was used to the overnight shift and couldn’t adjust to the busy 3p to 11p shift. Her first week she was not doing her job properly. For example, we are entitled to open client doors as requested each day and she didn’t want to open doors. Each worker usually takes turns doing so, but this breed just didn’t want to do it. 

It took her all of 3 weeks to actually get used to opening doors after the rest of us complained about her laziness, but she still isn’t on the Grade A team player list (no real list, just a metaphor). She doesn’t put in enough effort even til this day and she been working for about a month now at my site…..

It was so bad because I felt like I was doing mad work, that I called out for a week just to avoid working with her. 

I was also calling out the week prior to have less days working with her. 

Last week, I missed 2 days. One because if you arrive to work past an hour, they don’t let you work the shift and the next day I just called out. I was sick anyway so it worked out. 

BUT I really was about to quit this job! 

I am pregnant and get tired fast. I should not be doing so much work because workers want to slack. Supervisors don’t do nothing because they are just as unprofessional. 

But I have bills to pay, sooooo I said I will work for another 2 weeks maybe, still debating just putting in my 2 weeks. 

Cuz babbyyyyy! I am NOT waiting for maternity leave!!!! Too much drama-this job that is! 

The girl requested a shift change anyway to the morning shift! YEEESSSSS there is a GOD!!!! She has a baby she has to take care of and want to see more than the time she has with her now. Halleju! 


But I am still debating on quitting as I said before. I just can’t take going to work at 3:00 pm and also having to play a game of “who is doing this?” “who is opening the door, which floors you doing for bed check? Who is writing in the log book? “Who is doing curfew violations” etc! No team effort done, always someone saying no or lowkey putting more pressure on the other person. 

*****There was this other girl a couple months ago I worked with at my old site who was BEYOND LAZY!!! Before we had time clocks, we had timesheets so it was easy to steal time. She would show up 3 hrs late alllll the time! And even if she was early, she STILL didn’t want to do much! She didn’t want to work. 

These PEOPLE just want to make the money without putting the WORK in! 

I got fed up with this girl too, but she got fired! I was like Yaaasss lawd! She got fired before I had to quit! 

It’s not all on women though! There was also a young man that used to show up to work just to sleep and talk to his girlfriend on the phone! Ugh this company! 

I can talk to someone, but can’t force them to work smh….

I liked when I worked the morning shift because it was quick, and I had a good team at my old site. 

I am a hard worker and I hate when people DO NOT work as hard as I do! 

I wish I was the supervisor sometimes because a lot of people would get fired! 

I am in the mood for a stay at home job, writing my novels and staying “ghetto free”

P.S. This is the only time I have let someone drag me to quitting due to their work ethic!

And my hormones are NOOOOOOO joke!!! 


Fingers crossed I get me a at home job asap! 

Have you ever experienced this? Talk to me! 

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