Aye What’s Good!?

I have NEVER been apart of the ghetto crowd, but I have observed them and I can just smh (shake my head)….

I was raised in a different environment from those of NY kinship…

Fellow readers if you visit NYC, you will understand what I mean….

The cursing, the ignorant thinking, way people talk and walk, etc…

Have I cursed in my lifetime? Sure. 

Is it every sentence or after every word? NO! 

Not my style. 

When I tried cursing heavily in my teenage years, it was to fit in and I had to check myself like SIS noooooo that is not you. 

Immediately stopped cursing. 

It is a NY thing, I’ll say. 

When I went to Iowa, I became better in my vocabulary, learning what to say and when….do you know how many people in Iowa actually thought I was from Iowa?!! I tell you I am different! 

But the slang of NY never left me!! Huuurrddddd? (hehe used 1) 

Okay Sooooooo let me break down some experiences to y’all that’ll show why NY is ghetto and IF you work for the right company, you’ll definitely see the ratchet, ghetto black people all in one room or in that business period. 


My experiences are work related: I work for a non-profit organization that services homeless people called Children’s Community Services….

Exhibit A: Back in May I was working with this girl. She has been at my site for a couple months and clients would complain about her attitude. Yes, she had one…terribly! It wasn’t until she mentioned something about the morning shift (which was my shift along with a co-worker’s) making copies of paperwork when her true colors showed. 

She made the comment to the overnight worker which got back to us and I said we do make copies so what is her issue-which got back to her because this company is all chit chat-where she felt BOLD enough to press me….

But 1st my morning co-worker told the shift supervisor in mid convo because he was her best friend so she thought nothing of it. He came to the job that day and addressed the situation to all the employees stating we all needed to make copies. She was quiet when he was there….

Homegirl waits until 2 days later to have a problem. She speaks to the co-workers about what happened on her shift, ignoring me. She also pressed me (pressed means to confront in an aggressive manner) by saying things like why did he come talk to us, it wasn’t that serious and you I don’t get why he had to come here. I told her I didn’t tell him yet he came and spoke to everyone so what was the problem? After that I thought it was done but no……

Next day I walk in the door for my shift, she leaves right away. Sketchy….

When she came in to relieve me of my shift, I asked her if she had a problem and that escalated to her being “ghetto” and “ratchet” by screaming and getting upset…..she was really cursing me out (lol) saying she don’t have a problem, I don’t want these hands (meaning she would fight me), she said I better ask about her, etc….

I said, if there isn’t an issue, why she getting upset? 

SMFH! Black people! 

*In the end, supervisor was there and he took her side which led to a work meeting to resolve it and then her and I only spoke to each other for work purposes only, nothing friendly otherwise like friends*


Same site, different girl……

This girl rubbed me the wrong way from day one…. 

And I knew it….

She was a co-worker I only worked with when I picked up overtime…

One day she decided to press me because she felt like I forged a client’s signature on the bed check…I told her I didn’t, client signed when she came in. 

She took it upon her ghetto self and said don’t be signing for people on her shift because that makes her responsible too and I can do that on my own shift, but not when she is there. 

I simply said I didn’t do it and I am not about to prove myself to her. And ended the convo….

NOW, she is REAL ghetto because she calls the hotel (oh hotels are where the homeless people stay via department of homeless services) just to continue her beef because she did an overnight and was going home….

How do you call a hotel to talk to somebody like you wasn’t just there? 

Luckily I was busy doing MY JOB so I never got to hear what she wanted to say on the phone. 

And she called TWICE! Ghetto! 

After that day, I never spoke to her ratchet ass again 

Unbelievable! It wasn’t until I got this job that I witness such ratchetness…. 

It has nothing to do with me having a degree neither. 


My mother was never ghetto or ratchet, and the rest of my family is wholesome, has good jobs, talk professionally and respectfully….

Other black families in NY talk how my co-workers talk or always want to fight somebody. 

IN AUGUST 2017…..

Now there is this 20 year old little girl that has her mind all messed up. 

She is currently upset at me because I didn’t give her $20 for a supplement to have a baby….

I NEVER told her I wouldn’t give it to her, I told her that she could get it the next day only if she reminds me. 

She didn’t remind me and I was nowhere near a store or the bank before work the next day to get it for her. Mind you I live 5-10 mins from the store and further from the bank and wasn’t gonna go the extra lengths for a co-worker who only wanted it for something that might not work AND we NOT even that COOL! Just met her a month ago like BYE! I was only going to be nice…..

I went home that night she asked and thought “hold up, we bout to get paid next week. She waited THIS long to have a baby, she can wait again until she got paid!” 

But I still went in the next day and told her I never said no, and can’t she wait til she gets paid, but she was still upset because her 20 year old self is ghetto and don’t know how to act. 

She was feenin for it like if she took it same night she would get pregnant! It don’t work that way! Just planning to have a baby without that stuff is HARD WORK!! 

The way she talks and acts is already ghetto and I wish you could see her, but recently I seen her throw subs on Facebook because she is mad. 

Lmao you’ll be alright girl…..

Who gets mad over not getting $20 for something THEY WANT, but DON’T NEED!?? 

And you have a JOB! Stop providing for a man who is in and out of jail and only takes ya money! He is 23, you 20 and you providing? Hmm…. you can’t afford a supplement you want because you gave him your whole check? WHOLE CHECK! 

I’ve supported a man before (my ex) and got tired of that real quick. But never did I ask my friends for money to do something God will control when he is ready. 

I read her FB statuses and LIKE them because I am petty like that…. (idk if you guys remember in a post before when I said I will see your sub and like it because I am funny like that but at least you know I see it) 

I didn’t sub her back though because I am 27 years old, life is good. I don’t entertain “KIDS” and my circle is the above 27 crowd. 

Here’s my fake sub for WordPress though because it is crazyyyyy! 

Tryna get preggo at 20 by a jail mate and using a supplement instead of realizing the man is NOT the one and you 20! God don’t have it planned for you yet. 

Btw, for the readers thinking I never said none of this to her in person, I did. At work several times. But she is young minded and going to do what she wants. 

A client even told her to get herself together before wanting a baby, but to each his own….

And in this company, there are plenty more ghetto people.

I can’t wait to leave this job and it will be soon because co-workers don’t work as a team at this new site I am at, and I am tired of being around these type of people. 

Plus, I am 5 months pregnant and ready to sit at home, work on my writing and prepare for my child. 

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