No Shade But……Men Really Are Crazy!!!

They say women are the crazy ones but 


Naaahhhh playa

Men are the real psychos

Idk if it’s great sex or their mental….

Probably both 

Buuuttt these mofos are crazyyy

U hear me bloggers C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

They don’t know wtf they be saying sometimes. Mostly be bullshit then try to cover it up like it’s not BS. 

For example, 

My bf says I should be saving money.. 


I say I can’t because of the multiple things my money goes to like the dog, food, bills, etc

I take cabs to work when he don’t take me cuz I didn’t wanna take 4 trains there BUT I’m bout to start because I need to get away from him for a bit by leaving early and stop with cabs until I have to get off work at 11pm. 

Bet soooo

I even showed him my statements and broke down the year since I started this job and he still didn’t get it…smh like statements don’t show where ya money goes

He was all he can take me to work and pick me up from work….

He claims I need to stop taking cabs and he need to pick me up and take me.


Hold ya chairs y’all…

THEN when I do get off at 11pm, he wanna have me waiting almost a whole fuckin hr because he had a pick up…

Oh sorry he does uber….

So I tell him I can wait because u know we on a savings kick right

Then I mention how he used to get mad when my relief for work would come late, now they don’t and I still gotta wait 30 mins to an hr.


Now I should take a cab home every night and I will because my mom SHOWED me with her stupid actions not to always rely on a man to do shit. 

I’m a working woman. Never gonna change until I have this kid.

He said he won’t pick me up nor take me to work no more….. 

Yeah ok…

But yea he act like he didnt insist on saving. 

So I’m waiting for him to pick me up like an idiot because we tryna save

But naw imma go home on my own. Be it train or cab. 

This why I can’t wait to drive!! 

I got my permit, soon get my license. 

He really be saying things and then flip 100 times over as if he don’t say the things he say! If I could I’d record him! 

I be looking like yooooo he’s insane!

His mental fucked up!

He can’t keep up with his own bullshit, 

Sooo when I catch him in the bullshit he wanna act brand new.


Men can’t argue correctly.

Sorry not sorry. 

They battle be all over. Can’t keep up with their own lies or thoughts that their statements come out invalid.

He did all that yappin at the mouth to STILL make an effort to take me to work AND pick me up!! 

It humors me a lot how psycho he really be…. 

Even in regular arguments he’ll say something and then really pretend like he never said it….

He be striving to be right soooo bad, I think that’s all or most men because they feel women always want to be right when 90% of the time we ARE!

Men are bugged out! 

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