I Did Not Consent!!!

***This post was inspired by a show called The Quad on BET. Specifically Episode 8. As well as my bf stating that a woman shouldn’t dress in short skirts and dresses to escape rape….***

Why is it that someone who NEVER experienced RAPE always has something to say???!

It’s one thing to be empathetic, definitely sympathetic!

But to open your mouth and say something so absurd that makes you look disgusting!

If you have not experienced RAPE then you should be careful what you say!

You’re not even expressing hurt or pain about the situation but is yet DEFENDING the situation over a piece of fuckin’ clothing?!

Men in 2017 really got their heads screwed up!!!

The older men, really got stubborn ways of looking at life….well SOME.


“unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, WITHOUT the consent of the victim.” – via Dictionary.com 


Unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration BASED ON THE TYPE OF CLOTHING one wears without the consent of the said victim….

PLEASE know the difference!!

A woman or man; boy or girl; toddler or infant CAN get raped even if they have on shorts, skirts, dresses, panties, boxers, pj’s, nightgowns, robes, lingerie, ETC!

What u wear DOES NOT mean it’s smart or dumb!

Clothing doesn’t determine justice! 

Some people have sick, nasty minds and dare to assault the innocent!


The victim’s clothing does not make them wise or foolish because this man or woman (predominantly it’s men raping more women than women raping men) decides to ruin a person’s life.

There are other men and women walking around that never experienced rape and they wear scandalous clothing every day!

How does that make them any different from those who have become victims?

It don’t! But society will battle this to the grave.

If a woman goes to the club, she should not feel threatened by other men cuz she wants to wear a mini dress/mini skirt!

The club is an environment for adults to have fun, not for women to look sexy for a man to prie on for assualting…..with that said, I say this to state women don’t dress with that purpose!!!

To say watch what you wear and you won’t get raped is STUPID!

CHILDREN are the earliest victims of rape. Should they have on a belt when going to sleep too? Instead of just their favorite pajamas?


It takes an incompetent, disgusting, prude to place hands and body parts on children.

And children don’t even know what rape is!

Boys are molested alllll the time and do not own up to it until they are older. Some boys become gay and even that is hard to talk about because of their history.

I can’t ignore girls, girls experience curiousity sometimes dueto trauma.

A lot goes into sexual assault.

Ohhh let’s not ignore the big topic of DRINKING…..

When a person becomes intoxicated, that leaves it all up for questioning of “Rape or Consent”

Just because she was drunk, it expresses she either wanted it or not……

Being drunk doesn’t excuse whether or not you consent! 9 times out of 10, being drunk means you don’t really know what’s going on….HOWEVER, some people DO remember every detail! Whether it comes back the next day, next minute, next hour, whenever it still is a recollection….

If a person is intoxicated and they said no, but someone takes control anyway… that’s RAPE.

If a person is intoxicated and they said yes, then it IS NOT RAPE.

Drinking doesn’t excuse consent or to not consent and people mix that up.

Even when it looks like someone wants it by body language, one should still be cautious of their actions.

The clubs, frat or sorority parties, a bar, bedroom….no matter the location it is still unacceptable!

If I like you,  doesn’t mean I want to kiss you. Making a move makes you look bad because you took a feeling and made it physical….idk if that makes sense but that’s just an example.

And I know you are probably wondering why I’m going so hard on this touching subject……

I too, am a rape victim. At age of 14 to 15, I was raped….in our home every night…

I confided in my mother back then and she didn’t believe me!

This how I always preferred to stay at a friend’s house or my grandma house….escaping the fear….

I have come a long way and forgave my mother’s Ex boyfriend for doing it.

To grow and move on, you have to forgive and let go.

As a result, I am currently not talking to my mother either.

So people who say if you dress a certain way you wouldn’t get raped, REALLY HAVE NO IDEA.

Most rape victims DO NOT SPEAK UP. Police don’t usually believe the story unless their are marks on the body to prove it. Children rely on parents to take charge, but when they don’t it is still hard to talk about it….

this or that


I had to Rant y’all!! 

This was brought up to me and I got soooooo tight internally that I had to write about it! 

Talk to me! Know someone who says such foolish things as clothes = rape? Know a rape victim? How do you feel about rape? 

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