This Class is Sooo…..

Ever been in the classroom and couldn’t wait for the bell?!

Yes I have been  that way all the time….

Especially during Math class!

My face would be like


that was my high school days

I couldn’t wait to spend a quick 3 mins to 5 mins in the hallway with my friends chatting and gossiping about everything!

Of course I looked forward to English class!

I was in class like


I also liked gym class and lunch…

those were too easy!! 

I think everyone fav class was gym.

Am I right? 😀

You pass just for showing up

And then there’s Social Studies……MAN what a snooze! I was always passing notes in this class because it was sooo boring!

I honestly don’t know how I passed this class.

Then you had science and economics….


The worst part of school was when teachers decided to ruin our night/weekend/week with last minute homework!

The class is running smoothly and all of a sudden right at the bell, the teacher screams “Class before you go, your homework is page 6 to 12 and I want you to answer all 10 Q’s at the end of the chapter”

Then we a ll looking like uugghhhh :/

Because we had plans to hang outside all night or walk around the mall all day or just watch cartoons.

But instead teachers drown you in homework.

Let’s not forget the student that raises their hand and says “Teacher, are you collecting the homework today?

Whhhyyyyy David whyyy?? lol


Always that brainiac that reminds the teacher about homework and then you have to grill the student with an evil eye that says “thanks a lot”

And teachers wonder why students walk out of class for their own break

and use the bathroom as their excuse to stop by the next class to have their friend step out too….

Classes were too much!

Especially when it looks like the teacher is pulling a Charlie Brown scene: “wah wah waah wah wah…”


What’s worse is when you aren’t paying attention because you are daydreaming and the teacher calls on you.

Don’t you just hate that!??

I had a few teachers do that to me in HS and in college and i’m like bruh…all attention on me! I don’t like that at all.

Sometimes I stared dead hard into the book just so I don’t get called on….

How many times you think that worked?


Only like 3 times!

In college I feel like I was a lot more focused in my subject areas of course.

I still hated math and science but at least I didn’t have to take history.

My emotions thru the college classroom was either sleeping, on my phone or daydredaming as I kept waiting for the 45 min class to be over to eat or catch up woth a friend…

the homework load is worse! Sooo many papers, assignments, projects and more

and Professors loved assigning them at the same time to be due at the same time as well!

But the learning experience is something we can all talk bout…

So tell me, with school year being over because it is Christmas time….

what were some of your emotions in the classroom? What made you happy? Sad? Bored? Annoyed? Fav class? 

Talk to me!

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13 thoughts on “This Class is Sooo…..

  1. Oh, I love this… lol! I did not like school. There was such a pressure. Maths was my worst subject. But I was good in the languages (English, French, and of course German). What I loved about school were the friendships and aside from all the pressure this is what weighs so much more when I think back!

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