Oh No! I’m Not Listening to You!

Why is it when you single you feel the need to chime in what you think is the best advice?

But is it the BEST?

Or the best for you?

Especially when a best friend is committed to giving you the worst advice only because they may hate your bf

or they are jealous of the life you lead

or jealous of the life your bf is providing for you…..

Some best friends are emotionally invested…

and too much to the point where they may think they are your boyfriend or girlfriend unintended.


Ooooohhh but their actions say it is so.

Single advice…Hmmm I guess I should elaborate more: Single advice is when a person thinks completely with the mind of a single individual…..

They have not dated in a long time, have not gotten laid in a long time, they have not been under companionship in a very long time or not that long of a time but long enough 

and they are quick to give the most satisfying lonely advice ever…

Now don’t get me wrong, there are single people that give advice, but this set of “some” gives the more mature, both sides of the spectrum view….the advice where they hear you venting about your relationship and try to give a much better understanding by helping you view your mate’s opinion….not one of their own entirely, while their own opinion is very much given….


But back to the single advice of those that are not team relationships

I have a wonderful friend emotionally invested that I believe she loves me beyond the friendship point….that’s cool as long as she don’t make subtle moves on me 😀

And then I have this friend that is a little of all of those pointers I mentioned above.

It took me a while to accept that she was less in it for me and more in it for herself….

Someone that is lonely will always want you to be lonely with them.

Never considering the consequences of your happiness, but rather sitting in the fathom of their own knowing they gave you the advice to breakup with your lover for their own selfish reasons….

It takes an intelligent person to catch on to someone’s actions and either call it out or not; but pay very close attention to that friend from hereon out.

They can’t be trusted fully if they only have bad intentions.

Consider the facts at least!

If your best friend keeps breaking up and getting back together with the same guy/girl and you keep insisting on each scenario that they just leave them for good without thought as to why they keep returning to each other; you my friend are being a jealous son-of-a—-!

Your making your friendship a relationship….

it becomes more of a “if I am not happy, then you cannot be happy…”

Rather than support….

Ahhh support, such a strong word….yet no one really does that anymore.



Friends are not the only guilty party….

FAMILY is as well!

As you may have read (or newcomers that have no idea) I have no family….well they exist but I don’t coexist with them.

My bf on the other hand….OH M G!

Dysfunctional at its best butttt…..them females with their SINGLE ADVICE!!


I hate when people outdated in their 40’s/50’s are trying to blend in. Blend in a social media world that they are not accustomed too and have been single maybe since they had their last child…..

Don’t know what Y2k dating IS because the last time they dusted off their sex tool it was ages ago….

No one giving them any play! But they got something to say!!

Stick your nose out my business if the last time you had a man/woman was in 1960!


Nothing more that grinds my gears than a family member chatting about my relationship and providing single advice!

Defending your family member only because that’s blood, but not looking at the situation from both ends….

and what makes it worse is when it is a woman!! Defending her male sibling without understanding why the woman thinks the way she does….

HELLO! You are a woman! Damn shame how stupid and thoughtless some can be over the fact of a male sibling. Hmph, then you wonder why you single….

Have a single way of thinking because the minute you hear negative relationship problems, you jump to #teambreakup! Right away! …..Like how is your sibling supposed to know happiness when all you throw their way is “leave them!”


All your kids pops must have left you because you was quick to enforce breaking up instead of making up with them…or did he cheat?? Hmm..Ooopsss!

Good thing relationship people work things out regardless of the negative feedback.

Single advice giving people do not know or understand companionship as those who do….

and I am superrrr glad my bf and I work through our problems aside from the b.s and regardless of what his family or my friends have to say.

At least when I give advice, I consider my friend or family feelings as well as the bigger picture…But some people not built like me! 😀


Had to let that go! It was burning in my chest!

P.S. I am very hard headed and do what I want! 😛

Tell me about your friends that give whack single advice….Or those that gave great advice! I wanna know it all! 😀 How did you handle it?

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