Ooouuuuu Sex Toys!!

Cover your eyes youngins, this post is not for you.

Matter fact, just skip over this post….

I have a PG-13 post coming after this one (stay tuned :))

Sooooo my friends, you know I hold no bars, lay it all on the table

I am Shady and blunt….

My blog is my sanctuary to be ME.

Now! SEX TOYS!!!

Your eyes are reading right.

I am talking about blow up dolls, vagina insert toy for men, dildos, vibrators, etc.

Kinky stuff huh?

Okkk sooooo here is the tea!


So tell me, my adults….what is wrong with a woman having a sex toy?

Men use their hands alllll the time and some even have blow up dolls.

Women can’t satisfy themselves just cause? It always gotta be about the man?

What is life!!

Real mature men are okay with it and even buy their women toys or watch them use it or let women just do their thing.

But boys?? Ohh they get insecure and feel threatened by a toy.

So they say masturbation is cheating….


Get your life with that lie!

If having a sex toy is cheating then men shouldn’t watch porn.

Easy. Simple. Just like that.

They must be cheating with their HANDS huh?


There always seems to be a matter of an added double standard

Men think certain things are cool when they don’t see a problem with it and flip out when they do.

Women do the same thing depending on some situations….anywho

Why is sex toys such a double standard?

Should a woman cheat??


Many married women have toys

Many women in relationships have toys

Many single women have sex toys


If you do your research,

SOME MEN have sex toys too….

Married, in relationships, single

Because it is apart of human nature!!

No MJ intended 😁

This fight is always men vs women

If a man don’t like sex toys, he makes a problem of it.

If a man is totally against sex toys he does what he can to stop her from owning one or enjoying one

Why? Because it’s his way or no way!

He just can’t grasp why women have toys if men/boyfriends exist


Men can’t match up to machine soooo why stress it?!! 

A toy may please a woman temporarily,

A toy may make her have a deeper orgasm than ever (if so u not doing your job) or

in general, may make her satisfied for the moment cause her man not around

It doesn’t give her babies, companionship, love, passion, etc

Unless she is cray cray

No need for a man to become insecure over something that is only there for the moment.

A man gets upset over something so minor, you must have serious issues!

A man like that is not secure in his ways and his size, very immature about an adult situation

Grow up!


A REAL man would be more secure and trust his woman with a toy! Something that doesn’t replace him.

If you feel insecure, ask Qs!

Ask her why she has it, how often will she use it, will it change the sex life, etc….

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Apart of communication!

You don’t get a right to demand just because you hate them that she can’t own one.

You cannot tell a woman how to please herself whether it is fingers or a toy….

At least she is being faithful!

She doesn’t have to ask you if you like vibrators, dildo or other toys because if she wants one, she should have one. Grown woman makes her own choices.

While she can ask you your opinion, don’t be too upset at her choice….be secure!

Security is important on many levels.

Doesn’t matter what he likes, its not going up his ass! He not using the vibrator or dildo!

She using it for pleasure when her man is away.

This doesn’t mean set up for break ups either because you didn’t get your way.

Break up with her and she’ll still have the toy!!

She will look at you like:


So tell me my followers of age, how do you feel about sex toys? Do you have one or two or more? Do you have a spouse that is insecure? How do you handle it?

Talk to me! 

P.S. My title is inspired by the popular song by Young M.A. – Ooouuu)

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