How Bad is it to be Surrounded by Evil?

When you are a child, no one instills in your brain how evil is among us.

It is kind of in music, whether you listen to it backwards, forward, it still has a hidden message.

Evil is in family. They smile in your face, love you and adore you until they can release you and betray you.

If your family is dysfunctional like mine, that definitely happens.

Family leaves you in the dark, giving you false hope of what family really means.

When you are down, they won’t pick you up.

It is within some friends.

It hides behind their faces…

A mask that is well worn. They take it off at night and call the closest person they can to reveal their evilness….

Spread your gossip, your hurt, your happiness to someone else because they are jealous or want to betray you for no reason.

You confide in them and they sit and respond as if they are a true friend.

Only to realize they have hate in their blood.

Jealousy is among these friends. Jealousy is among family. Instead of trying to help you, they do what they can to put you down.

Soooooonnnn as you are on the come up, they want to be your friend again or your family again.

But I am smarter than that.

There is evil in strangers. They stare at you and may post a picture about you secretly.

Strangers kill strangers.

Strangers give other strangers attitude because their workday is going bad.

Strangers start fights.

Evil is among some animals, but taught by evil people. Animals that bite for no reason.

Evil is within TV shows. It is exploited through the news with people dying every day and through subliminal messages that can easily be jokes on TV shows.

Evil can be within your GF or BF.

They form these Demons and don’t know how to stop letting them escape.

Evil is within single men and women…..trying to destroy happiness around them, especially their friend’s happiness….sending harsh words as advice anytime they can.

Evil is within domestic abusers, verbal abusers, mental and emotional abusers, rapers, and thieves.

Evil is within video games….convincing gamers to shoot, to kill, to harm people in the game.

Evil is within movies….sending subliminal messages upon sexism, racism, patriotism, friendship, and more.

Evil is within texting and Social Media… forces people to hide behind how they really feel….sending fake messages to make someone feel good. It also causes drama, allowing others in your personal business.

Evil can be within your workplace, as people can plot against you…to make you lose a job title because they feel you aren’t worthy of it….talk about you to try to get you fired….single you out to make you feel out of place…

Evil Crowded me like I’m claustrophobic 

From March to April 

Screaming in my ears 

Overriding my mind…….

No mental space to consider right from wrong….

Taking irrational steps because I was backed into a corner….

with no one to really talk to. 

Evil invading my space without me asking it to. 

Coming from family….

Coming from friends….

Surrounded by my BF and his family members…all the hurtful actions…

Emotional abuse, loss of a baby…

Stress…my biggest EVIL

Evil Exploiting its darkest emotions…

Making sure I allowed it to crash in my mind 

Until I was ready to fight…

Push it as far away as it can go…

So that it no longer enters my life……

When you trying to do good, the devil is always working….

Do you have any demons you set free? On anybody or on paper? On WP? How did you handle the evil that surrounded you? 


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