You Need To Get It Together!!!

So my lovely ladies and gentleman….

I am back with another scenario of double standards!! One of my favorite posts was a loonnggg time ago when I wrote it and I wrote it so well, I am shocked it came out the way it did.

If you would love a refresh or you are new to my page and don’t have time to scroll to it, I’ll drop it right here! This is one of my favorite posts.

Welcomeeee back to another post about Double Standards!!!

*Drumroll please!*

Okay so you know most of what I write is based on my life but that’s okay because what else would I talk about? 😀

So today’s topic is about: Flirting, Compliments, Workplace and more

I will start with compliments. When a girl compliments a guy, in some cases that’s okay but if she is in a relationship it can cause problems!

When a guy compliments a girl, it is supposed to be totally okay….relationship or not right? Cause that is how I see it.

When a girl receives a compliment, she feels either 2 ways; One… happy but not enough to be like babe it’s over and Two she may not take the compliment! It might disgust her. If she tells her bf if she has one, he blows it out of proportion…

When a guy receives a compliment, his ego is through the roof. He even wants to share the news with his gf sometimes and what?? Expects her not to be jealous?


Let me break this one down to y’all. For example, a couple months ago my bf got somewhat of a compliment as he is a tlc driver (uber, juno and sometimes corporate) and while he was driving this girl was singing Rihanna- Sex With Me and she grabbed his arm from the backseat. I know because he told me.

I bet it made him feel all good inside to know he still got it. My reaction? I flipped! Simply said why he let her touch him like that? He could have stopped her.

His excuse? He is driving and can’t tell his client what to do and besides she was just singing a song.

Yeah okay. I gotchu boo.

Now….today I received a compliment about my dog. To me it wasn’t that serious as people compliment him every day damn near. His face is cute! Have you not seen it? Check out my  post about him!

It was also a bus driver that sign languaged that he love him as he was turning the corner. Not a big deal right?!

So I told my bf and he made a hugggeeeee deal out of a light situation. Said things like “So you liked it,” “Do you care about him *bomb emoji?* -> That last one was because he asked if I stuck up the middle finger to him and I said NO.

If you can take compliments so lightly, then so can I! How bout that.

How about when he was driving this one time while I was in the passenger seat and he was at a light and waved to a random lady he didn’t know! Talking about she knew him! Yeah iight….

Of course I checked him then. I said “Who u waving to!!” He said, “Someone. She was just saying hi.” So I told him remember that next time someone says just hi to me.

He expected me to be cool….double standard y’all!

Anytime he thinks men are eyeing me he puts his arms around me, kisses me, basically claiming me because he is insecure! SMH

Back to today…the bus driver scene….it is almost like saying hi right? And he argued with me via text about it for an hour straight…..but let it had been a girl doing it to him, he would have been like cool ;).

I am sure at times when he walks Hunter, he gets compliments too but his ego won’t tell me because of the last time we had a big argument and I brought up valid points about his bullshit Rihanna scene in the car which he could have told her to stop. But Karma is a bitch…..

When I get compliments, it doesn’t make me big headed…When he gets compliments it makes him think he hot ish.

We talk about them and he has a right to show jealousy but I can’t…


How about that time when a random stranger took a pic of him on the train (female)

But then he got upset cuz I took a pic with my gay friend (male)


Hmm….why do men do that?!!

Now there is a broad (she deserves to be called as such, story about her later)

that is his friend if 2 years and she used to blow him up every day to be nosy to see how he doin, how WE doin….as much as we broke up to make up in this year, u should know how we doin…..many times she ask about me and he say I am good, or I am always with him and….

she gets quiet on the phone….jealous much?!! We just moved in our apt together and of course a month has passed since she called to see how he doin right? Why? Well she asked if he got the apartment, he told her yeah and then her next silly Q was if it was with me….


He told her yeah and ever since that day she never called.

I told him she was jealous! She wants to be with him. Grandma wants someone she can be a sugar mama to. She is 49 and he is 35. She thought I was some irrelevant new gf that didn’t leave an impact in his heart and wouldn’t be back as much times we have been up and down.

I try to tell him that and he gotta be all, “It’s not like that. She just an egotistical person. If it ain’t about her then she won’t call.”

Yeah whatever. If that was my scenario he would let me have it.

Just like he thought my gay friend wasn’t actually gay because he is a male until he actually met him and heard him talking about dick the whole conversation.


Just like some men complain about how women are not allowed to wear short dresses and skirts unless it is with them, but they can have on no shirts…if she can’t show your favorite asset then you can’t show hers.

It is okay for a man to be jealous, but not a woman. It is okay for them to do things to make us jealous, but as soon as a woman do it to them then they have problems…

A man don’t like hearing they are having sex issues in the bedroom.

No no. It makes them petty. They have to tell you that you are whack as well. When they can just ask how to make the sex better.

Almost everything is a competition…

Women aren’t handy, that’s what men are for,

Women were made to be nurturers and should let men work,

Women can’t do what men can do,

Women are afraid of bugs, men are not so they kill them with ease…

I can go on, but these are some of the things I hear….

They really need to CUT IT!!

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