Who Raised You!!!

So remember that recent post about men being messy?

Hmm well how do I put this one?

From the end of March to the beginning of July, I had crashed with a friend.

She was…

nasty? ghetto? disgusting?

Maybe all 3…Let Me Explain.

I advise you read this whole story, because the disgusting part is shocking.

You know how the more you live with someone, you see how they really live?

Well I never expected what I saw from her. In the 3 months I unintentionally stayed with her because times was hard…in the last month this is what I experienced…

She was picky about the dumbest things like for example, I threw away a ketchup bottle that was EMPTY!!!!! And she was the last one to use it!

This story is so real, I have to show you what I mean. It looked like this:


NOT even joking. She made a stupid speech about if something was meaningful to me, how would I like it if she threw it away without at least  asking me. WTF!! This bottle deserved to be in the garbage!! There is nothing to save! You want to save a drop of ketchup?? AND SHE HAD ANOTHER FULL BOTTLE IN THE KITCHEN!! She acted like she was dead poor. You have a job, you can afford a new bottle.. .SMH

Then if I placed something on her precious glass table for 5 secs, she complained. Why?…It isn’t going to stay there. I can understand if I left it there.

The dangerous part though, the part I thought I would never see….

You know how you have a friend that compliments your outfit? And normally it is JUST  a compliment? Unless they want the same, then they ask where you got it from.


One day I was getting dressed. I had this nice blue and black matching bra and panties set on.

She said “Oooo That’s cute. Where did you get that?”

Me, just taking it as a compliment and not thinking it was something else, I say; “Thank you. I got it from JC Penney.”

I wear a medium. She was 3 sizes bigger than me. I told her they come in ALL sizes.

I give all the hints right…well friends…

One day I went back to the house, as I was not really her roommate anymore as I was back together with my bf and I started crashing with him.

I had went to get more clothes and check something on my laptop. She was home getting dressed and guess what…



Yes, they were clean…because I had washed them before she went digging to steal them…

(Well Shade, how do you know those were yours? What if she bought her own?)

Friends….I know they were mine because IT DIDN’T FIT HER!! It was showing her butt-crack and she was 2 seconds from getting a yeast infection from the tightness.

I laughed in my head and kept casual conversation with her as if I didn’t notice.

Oohhhhh but I did. I pay attention.

From that day on, every time I saw her my mind was like


I had to play a safe face in front of her for a long time because if I spoke my mind, we wouldn’t have been friends and I would have had to move out and I was waiting for my bf to get us an apartment.

But whyyyyyy she couldn’t go to JC Penney and buy her own? One that will fit her big boned ass much better than squeezing into mine?!!!! I liked those and I had to throw the bra out.

Thinking about it now, I should have mailed the bra to her so she would have known then that I KNEW. But I am not that petty…and it is too late 😀

I have never had a ghetto friend until I met her in 2009.

Damn, I didn’t think she was like that!!!

One more…..

I love to get my body wash from Bath and Body Works. My favorite is Moonlight Path


This scent is kind of masculine, but I love the color (one of my fav colors) and I love the jasmine scent.

I had bought 6 in total (the sale the have is buy 3, get 2 free) and I took 2 to my bf house and left the rest.

Upon another arrival day and this time she wasn’t there….

I had gone to get a new one. For a second I thought I was going crazy and had used them all. I had placed them on her bathroom shelf and they were no longer there.

hell naw

I found one in the shower, and then I checked around the house and under the sink. I found the rest under the sink! In the little storage area, all hiding. Well I found a few and then a couple days later another one would pop up.

I took them all as they popped up. THEY WERE MINE!! Ughhh why did she make more money than I did at her little 8 to 4 job and still insisted on stealing!!?? My job was not no 8 to 4 and I work hard to get what I buy.

I hid them very well until I had to pack my stuff to move for good.

OH I almost forgot.

She almost stole one of my most meaningful bags my college best friend got for me. It is a Betsy  Johnson bag. Very expensive I am sure. My friend put thought into that gift and it was MY graduation gift from college. She even came to my graduation!! Did you think I’d forget about the gift she gave me? I love her.

Well….On the 2nd to last day of me finally leaving her apartment, I searched for the bag because before most of my bags were in her closet (we used each other’s bags at some point). I did a head count of all my bags and knew I was missing one.

I checked the closet like 5 times and it wasn’t there.

So I shoot her a text message. It said, “Hey have you seen my Betsy Johnson bag?”

Of course she tells me, “Check the closet.”


I looked at that message, like WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE FOOLING?! I wrote, “It’s not in there.”

She said “I’ll check when I get home.”

When she got in an hour later, she did her searching….in THE HIDING SPOT most likely and threw the bag at me with an attitude.

I laughed again because she thought SHE HAD ONE OVER ONE ME!

But she who laughs last, last best! 

And booyyyy did I laugh! I guess 3rd time was the charm? You take panties, attempt body wash and a bag.


When I moved out, she blocked me on Facebook.

I guess because I moved my stuff out and didn’t wait for her to come home like she asked (as if I didn’t have keys…controlling friend that couldn’t control me) and dropped her keys on the table on my way out.

I guess because I caught her stealing attempts.

I guess because when I moved out, she saw me on my way out, texted me soon as I got to the car out front, “I see you couldn’t wait to move out” and I ignored her text……

I guess because I have the life she is dying of having….a great bf, my own apartment with my bf (she lives in a sublease alone) and she is single…. always single dealing with low life men that hit it and quit it….I am about to start a family and we plan on getting married one day….something she might not have…


I guess because she don’t like that I am super blunt. I tell her everything like it is and some words I said….hurt.


She been hinting a lot too that she was going to cut off some friends…I guess I should have known it was me.

I moved on a Wednesday in July, she blocked me that Thursday, then UNBLOCKED me Saturday and UNFRIENDED me. Like why not be a grown 28 yr old woman that she is and talk to me like an adult. SMH

Whatever. Her ghetto, disgusting, nasty self can stay where she is at! I don’t cry over friends. She is gone.


Had an experience with disgusting roommates? I would love to hear it! 

Don’t forget, as always Shade remains on Facebook! Www.facebook.com/shadebutnoshade 


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