My Little Baby!

For the past 7 months, I have an adorable child…

His name is Hunter ❤

He is so small and soooo cute! His eyes will snatch your soul.

His cries for my attention and that of my bf if one of us or both of us goes too far or out the door are heartbreaking.

He loves taking selfies.

He’s so playful and tiny and I just want to hold him as I type this post.

I never knew how proud I’d be as a mom until…….




Yes I am the proud mama of a puppy!!

Hehe did I win you over? Did you think it was an actual baby?

Not yet……

He was born in Nov and given to me as a Christmas gift.

I figured it was time to show my baby!

My friends he is the making of a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua

Threw the ups and downs (break ups to make ups between my bf and I), he is soooo spoiled!!

I love him lots.

Photo time! Memory lane as well 🙂 ❤

1st photo: was taken same day I got him. He fell asleep 😍😍. He was only a month out of his mommy’s womb.

2nd Photo: He is a little older here with his precious face….about 2 months

3rd Photo: He was learning to stay calm on the bed 😊…3 months!

4th Photo: 4 months Selfie!! Not our 1st selfie together…I have too many pics hehe

5th Photo: At 5 months! Pose always for me hehe

6th Photo: My sleeping for 2 secs baby!! He really wasn’t sleep, he faked! Here he was 6 months.

7th Photo: My hyper active love standing tall in his crate! 7months!

There is so much maintenance to taking care of a puppy but it is also fun and very VERYYYY entertaining. I never raised a pup before as I am more of a cat person but it is great to learn.

His cute face gets his way at least 90% of the time. Smh…. shame on us as parents eh?? Imagine with actual children!

I couldn’t wait to take Hunter on his 1st walk after he got all of his shots in April. My bf and I took him to Central Park for the 1st time. He was a little bit scared of the environment because it was so huge and he was used to a project home and only straight to cars….never walking on his free legs.

Did I mentioned he is spoiled? Yeahh sooo he wanted to be picked up every 5 mins….but we kept telling him to get down amd enjoy his freedom. He eventually got used to the outside world that day, but we couldn’t go too far or he’ll whine.

These walks happened at least every week as I was determined to get him used to being outside to be a dog!

A month later and he waa getting used to walking. All because of meeeeee!!! My bf probably wouldn’t admit that but hey, look at me….it was ME! I did the hard work. He showed me how to feed a puppy at newborn and on… but I showed myself how to walk him.

I researched it all. I never got him treats, but he did okay. Now he is walking proudly ☺. He actually gets excited to go outside. When he is outside, he starts running, it’s pretty cute.

He’s super friendly and gets stopped by people all the time…you would totally be able to pet him, unless you’re scared of all dogs.

There was this guy a week ago that went all the way around in the street cause he was scared of my little puppy. That poor, fragile man! As if my dog bites! Hehe (He don’t really unless he playing because he still teething).

He is scared of other dogs in existence. Big dogs, small dogs, medium dogs, evil dogs (that I understand), friendly dogs…it is funny sometimes because how can a friendly dog be scared of other friendly dogs?? Weird. But he’s cute….

But like any child to parents….he acts differently with me than he does his father. While our relationship is more loving and fun, their relationship is more disciplined and aggressive. I may pet him when he cries out for love and affection, while my bf tells him to “shut up” and “stop barking” with some taps on the butt for bad behavior.

But hey, what can I say? It’s parenting 101 I guess…it’s kind of funny in a way to actually understand parenting by raising a pup. But he is amazing. Hunter, I mean…not my bf… Hehe

But I guess he is pretty great too! 😉

Do you have a dog? A cat? A pet even?! I wanna know your experiences….Share share share!! 

Don’t forget, as always Shade remains on 

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