Go 90’s! You The Best!

Have you flicked through Netflix and got overly excited about an old cartoon show such as “Hey Arnold” or “Animaniacs?”

Yeah me too. 

It’s okay. Nod your head. 😀 

I seriously squealed and asked my friend to put Animaniacs on Netflix like 3 weeks ago! So I know! lol 

As I get older, I realize TV sucks. I watch most of my shows online because I am usually not home to watch them as they come on. 

I miss the good old days when TGIF was a thing. It was also a family thing. One of the first things we did on a Friday was sit in front of the TV ready for the lineup. 

Waiting in front of the TV like: 


Oh man of course we can’t forget Saturdays. 

Early morning shows! 

There are many reruns that I still watch as if were a brand new episode. 

Martin, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy, Sister Sister, Parenthood,  etc. 

Back to the cartoons…..Hey Arnold, Pinky and the Brain, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Flinestones, Jetsons…

You get it! 

It was the best part of childhood. 

Man do I miss those days! 

There are shows that came on after that, which are just as great but nothing beats those. 

TV now has become so commercial and almost looks the same as any other show. 

My age is really setting in as I will be 26 soon. Everything is changing.

Yikes! (My new favorite word ha)

This is very random but I wanted to take a trip down memory lane myself as I ask my readers if they think the way I do….

It was quite entertaining and TV kept most of my generation INDOORS. 

Nowadays (man I haven’t seen that word in forever)

Kids are OUTdoors running around like crazy. 

Oh man how can I almost forget about Nickelodeon shows! Besides the one I mentioned already. 

Kenan and Kel, All That, Amanda Show, Clarissa Knows It All, Sabrina, CatDog, Doug, etc.

Too many great shows to list. 

I can probably keep going like a battery commercial 😀

My favorite was when Kel always sang to Orange Soda.

I was right there with him because Orange soda was my favorite too and every time I went to the store, or my mom or brother got me orange soda….



I be like….

“Who Loves Orange Soda?!! I Love Orange Soda….”

orange soda.gif

I am also the same way with coffee! 😀 lol 

What are your favorite 90’s shows?  What do you miss about 90’s shows?

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