When Are You Going to Have MY Back?!!

I never have nobody back, they say.

But half the people that complain never have mine.

I defend other people’s honors, values, when expected..

Who does it for me?

I’m too nice to people.

I’m quiet because I always get the short end of the stick.

I’m never benefited in return yet I always seem to be the guilty one.

Most best friends are always like call me if you need me but when I do, they half ass ignore me!

When they call, I’m all ears.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

I make people laugh, I stop them from crying….

But who is doing the same for me?

Who is making me laugh, stopping my tears?

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

Anyone needs a helping hand, I do my best to be that.

I can be almost broke and I’ll split my last dollars with my close ones.

They can be looking for a better job and I’ll throw suggestions.

Who is actually helping me get a better job? Lending me a helping hand?

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

I’m being compassionate, understanding and reasonable.

I’m listening to the pain, hurt, sorrow of a person with a troubled past.

I’m being the best friend they never had, yet always wanted.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

Family is supposed to be the bond that never splits.

The ones that are supposed to guide you when you doing right from wrong.

Family is supposed to help you when no one else can.

The family I HAD because I don’t talk to them anymore, all left me alone.

After all I did for these people.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

When I’m in a relationship, I try to make the relationship work to its full capacity.

I am the problem solver, the faithful one until I get battered.

I am the communicator.

Yet I still get treated like shit.

But I don’t have no one’s back, they say.

When you try to allow that one person to open up.

That same person chooses to make you look like a fool.

You give them constant opportunities to change.

But I never have no one’s back they say

In a relationship you supposed to dismiss the leeches.

Yet they keep approaching and you let them.

I defend my spot and that isn’t good enough.

Are YOU good enough??

They say no one’s ever had my back and you tell them explain to you why.

They rather be big and bold to avoid expressing pain.

Yet they tell you that you being secretive all along in the relationship.

Are they being secretive? Is that why they won’t talk about people not having their back?

You try over and over to get this person to understand that you have their back.

All the arguments, all the threats. You are still no good.

Oh wait…I’m still no good.


But I never have no one’s back they say….


Sorry, I had to let this one fly….I’m hurting. I’ll be fine though. I’m a big girl right? :D. People annoy me.

Anyone ever feel this way?

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7 thoughts on “When Are You Going to Have MY Back?!!

  1. I understand that totally what you are telling here. Mostly the ones who always listen and are there for others to strengthen them are considered the strong ones. That’s one of the reasons people never think that those people too have sad and challenging moments.

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